Utterly dissapointed:)

I cannot describe how upsetting the results of “So You Think You Can Dance” were last night. What is wrong with America? Will was sent home!:( I was incredibly disappointed. I cried, which is typical. I cry every Thursday, but this was worse, because he was my favorite guy!!!! Seriously, I wanted either Will or Chelsie to win. Fenix watched it with me, so when I cried he was incredibly cute and leaned over and hugged me and told me he was sorry:) How cute is that? We go through this every Thursday. In fact once he told his Dad, “Misty is crying.” And so Ken asked why, and he said “She’s watching some T.V. show.” And for Ken, that said it all:) I’m wondering if this amount of empathy for T.V. people is unhealthy. Anyway, I am quite disappointed. Chelsie better win now, and if it’s a guy who wins, it better be Twitch. I just thought I’d share:) I need to possibly post the routine Will did with Katie when they danced to “Imagine.” It was one of the American Idol David’s who sang it, the young one, but it was good nonetheless, despite the fact that I don’t really like Lennon covers, in particular that song. So therefore if anyone wants to understand my sadness, you should maybe youtube him:)


One thought on “Utterly dissapointed:)

  1. You need to start blogging some more! Anyway maybe I’m sad that you went on a little tangent about Lennon covers when I sent that one to you and you said you liked it?:) I love you. Do you like how I’m the insecure girlfriend here:) Seriously, though. Start blogging. I have you SO beat right now!

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