The Wooden Wedge

I’m posting this blog from our hotel in Loveland, Colorado. Here in a few minutes we’re going to make our way up to Estes Park. When we get back to Idaho I’d like to blog about our trip, but for now I just wanted to record the conversation I had with my husband last night in our hotel. Well, it really wasn’t much of a conversation, it was more just a comment he made that made me laugh and made me remember how much I love him and my mother and how grateful I am for the both of them.

As Ken was crawling into bed last night he turned to me and said, “You know what we should have brought for the hotel? The wooden wedge, in honor of Caren.”

The wooden wedge is this wedge of wood my mother gave Ken and I before we left for our honeymoon to Las Vegas. She told us to wedge it into the door at night to keep people from breaking into our hotel room. She didn’t think the hotel lock and deadbolt was enough:) We actually still have that wooden wedge somewhere. I love my mom. That story always makes me laugh. I also love my husband for remembering that and for being around to share those memories about my mom with me.


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