Back In Session!

School is back in session. I am really liking this new group of 7th graders that I have and I LOVE having seventh period prep, which is surprising. I was really bummed when I discovered I no longer had first hour prep, but I actually think I may like seventh period prep more. My classes are all pretty small, which is great! My biggest Literacy Block class is 24, and the other two are under 20. In fact, one only has 12 students in it. The one Tech class that I teach is pretty big, but it’s filled with my students from last year, and that’s been pretty nice. My advisory has quite a few new students. They’re a colorful bunch and I think they are going to bring a lot to advisory. I’m really excited. It’s only been two days, but I’m really looking forward to the rest of this year and so far I’m happy with the way that things are going.


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