All Saints Day

Today was the Feast of All Saints and so I joined Fenix’s religious ed. class at mass this afternoon. I don’t talk about my faith very much. In fact that only people I really talk about my faith to on a regular basis is my husband and Fenix. I’d like to think that instead of talking about it, I live it. Nonetheless, I am going to take a moment to talk about. I have never believed that there was one true church. It’s just never made sense to me, especially when so many churches share the same basic set of beliefs. I’ve always believed that there were a few different paths to God, due to the vast variety of people that populate the earth. Being Catholic has always been the right fit for me. I find immediate comfort and peace when I walk into Catholic church. It’s not something I find anywhere else. I will not say that my church is perfect or hasn’t made mistakes. In fact, I won’t even say that I agree with every aspect of my church, because to be honest there are still areas I need more information in. I will say that the Catholic church is the right faith system for me, and I am so happy to be sharing that with Fenix. The real reason I decided to post this is because today is All Saints Day, and despite already knowing that the Catholic Church is the right faith for me, the homily today reminded me of one of the many reasons why. In the homily our priest said that growing up Catholic, you grow up knowing that the dead are always around you; they are always a part of your life, watching over you, supporting you, whether it’s a relative or a saint. He said that death can never separate us. I am happy that I belong to a system of faith that supports my belief that my mother and grandparents are always with me and that I’ll see them again in the afterlife; no questions asked, no hoops to jump though. When this life is over, I will meet them again.


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