While I had a few minutes I thought I’d post a few more photos of Grace. These were both taken at 21 weeks. I have one from 24 weeks as well, I just need to get it uploaded onto the computer. As busy as my many doctor’s appointments have kept me, I’ve enjoyed catching extra glimpses of Grace from time to time.

Well, as of yesterday, I am officially at 25 weeks. This time has flown by! It’s hard to believe that in a little over three months she’ll be here. Ken is hoping for a Cinco de Mayo baby. He’s been saying that all a long actually, I just never gave the thought any credit until today. Grace measured 5 days a head of where her due date put her at our 20 week ultrasound, and my fundal height (I believe that’s what its’ called) consistently measures a week a head as well. So maybe, just maybe, Ken will get his wish:) Poor Grace may be spending all of her birthday dinners at a Mexican food restaurant. In fact, if she is born on Cinco de Mayo, I think she may be be getting her first sip of a non alcoholic margarita on her 1st birthday as well as her own cake:)

For the past 2-3 weeks now we have been able to feel Grace move from the outside of my belly. Each night I lay on the couch or my bed with my shirt up waiting for her to move so that I can watch and feel it. It has been one of the neatest experiences ever. I can’t even describe it. It has me grinning every time. I keep thinking that the complete awe of it will wear off, but so far it hasn’t. Last night I had Ken try to hear her heartbeat by placing his head by my belly (I read online that at this point in the game, you can sometimes do that). Well, we had no luck with him hearing the heart beat, but Grace did give him a few swift kicks in the head:)


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  1. As much as non-alcoholic margaritas are…I really don't want Grace to come on Cinco de Mayo. I really don't. So I am praying…and praying hard…that she waits until her due date..or even just May 9th…4 more days. She can do it. I know she can.

  2. Hey my bday is the 11th, maybe she'll show up late and we can share a bday? =) Trust me the movement thing will NEVER wear off. It's the one thing I miss most about pregnancy, feeling Natalia in my belly and seeing her little parts push against my skin. I have a funny picture of were I'm laying on my back and she is pushing so hard to one side my belly was extremely lopsided. LOL. Anyway, this next few weeks will fly and before you know she'll be here. =)

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