Grace’s Room

We’ve begun working on Grace’s room. So far the crib is put up and the bed made, clothes are in the drawers and in the closet (at least some of them are), and the rocking chair is in the corner waiting to help rock Grace to sleep. Unfortunately my old desk is still crammed into the corner and overflowing with books and papers that I have no idea where to put. My school has spring break in a little over two weeks and so my goals is to get the desk cleared out of there and most of the room put together. I was going to work on that this weekend, but instead decided I would work on this:

I painted a shelf as well, which we are going to hang above her bed with her name on it.


One thought on “Grace’s Room

  1. WOW Misty
    I was checking your blog once in a while but I didn't see this one til now..
    That is so Cute. I am so excited.
    I really hope she gets the curly dark hair. But anyway how fun.
    And what a crafty little thing you are.
    Love ya.

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