The Truth About Pregnancy

O.K. Here it is, the honest truth. Pregnancy. Like it? Love it? Hate it? How about all three? First I thought I would start with everything I have loved about being pregnant, and to be honest, I have thoroughly loved being pregnant, for the most part:)

The thing that I have loved the absolute most was just knowing that I had a little person inside of me. I have to admit, that sounds a bit science fiction, but it’s the truth. I have loved knowing that Grace and I are bound together, that she can hear my voice and my heart, and that some time in the near future, my body (with some help from Ken:) is what brought her into this world. I have LOVED feeling her move. I think I posted about this before, and even though she moves frequently, I am still in awe.

I have absolutely loved sharing this experience with Ken. Yes, I am corny. But, I really have. It’s added a new dimension to our relationship, yet at the same time, it’s exactly how I pictured it. (Alas, I could not share the weight gain part of this experience with Ken, which is really a tragedy if you ask me.) I have loved talking about names. I have loved daydreaming together about her. I’ve loved lounging around our house with Ken on the weekend. Although this is obviously something we have done prior to being pregnant, I have really cherished those moments during the last 8 months. (To be honest, they have been few and far between, being that the both of us have been really busy this year, the ones we have had have been pretty great.) I have loved laughing about Donna, our nurse:) And, I’ve loved watching the ultrasounds together.

Sharing this experience with Fenix has also been pretty amazing. He is so excited to have a baby sister and he is going to be such a wonderful big brother. I loved watching his face the first time he felt Grace move. He is already so protective of her. This is embarrassing, but the other day I tripped and landed on the stair coming up from our family room. I was completely O.K. and I caught myself. I was more embarrassed then anything. Fenix heard me fall and ran out to check on me. When I got up he put his hands on my belly. He was concerned about the baby because “sometimes when the mom falls it can hurt the baby.” How amazing is Fenix? I love him.

Let’s see, what else have I loved? Preparing her room. Buying her clothes. Sharing the news of my pregnancy with my students, my friends, and my family. There have been days when I have loved realizing how much my belly has grown…

Which brings me to what I hate about pregnancy. Weight Gain:( Weight gain, the fact that I can’t have aspirin, and those obnoxious shots that I get once a week. That’s really all that I hate, but the weight gain is the big one:) I’m 33 weeks tomorrow. That means I have 7 more weeks to go. 7 more weeks of weight gain. Blah. I’m hoping I’m one that just stops gaining after 36 weeks when there really isn’t much more room in my belly for the baby to grow. Weight gain has been my biggest dislike about pregnancy. I am in no way, shape, or form, wishing away time with Grace, but it will feel good when I get the go ahead to work out after she’s here. I’m sure at that point, I will be hating the weight gain part even more. It worries me. I know I am being shallow and I keep reminding myself that’s it’s about something much bigger. It most definitely is well worth it, sometimes it’s hard to swallow though.

So there it is, the truth about my pregnancy:) Oh, another dislike is my impatience! Although I have cherished the time I have now with Ken, I think we’re both just ready for her to be here!:)


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