The Mark of a New Mom

Since becoming a new mom, I have:

1) Been late to almost everywhere I have plans to go to.

2) Gone to the mall in sweats and a baggy sweatshirt and NOT ON PURPOSE! The baggy sweatshirt was, but the sweatpants were a complete accident. I didn’t even realize I as still in sweats until I was parking my car at the mall, looked down and thought, “Well, crud!”

3)Gone to Walmart without showering, with a mop of curly unwashed hair on top of my head and no make up (Grace was on a strike from napping that day, and so I wasn’t able to shower until Ken got home.)

4) Wore my pants inside out in public. They were those black stretchy work out capri kind. In truth it wasn’t all that bad. The only real give aways were the seams on the outsides of my leg and THE TAG HANGING OFF THE BACK. I only received one look, well two looks considering the woman did a double take.

Tell me I’m not the only new mom who does these sorts of things. This will pass, right?


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