Summer Goals

Summer is winding down. Backpacks and school supplies have replaced patios sets and firepits at Fred Meyers. And, I start school in four weeks. I love my job. I really, really, do. I consider myself fortunate that when I go to work each day, I don’t dread it. I want to be there. However, this year will be different. I am already predicting some tears on the first day…or the first 30 days. The idea of not being with Grace all day makes me hurt. We are SO, SO, fortunate though, because instead of going to a daycare run by someone we don’t really know, Grace will be spending her days with Sharlee’s aunt and cousins. Which, makes me feel infinitely better. I just know I’ll miss her.

Anway, my real reason for this post is to set some summer goals. There won’t be too many and they won’t be big ones I can tell you that. But, with summer winding down, there are a few things I want to make sure that I do.

1) Go for a walk with Grace nearly every day. For the most part we’ve been doing this.

2) Spend more time on the patio. Last year I spent every morning on my patio, drinking coffee and reading. Last night I took Grace out there and just rocked. It was so nice and I realized that I need to do more of that.

3) Plant some flowers. My poor planters have been neglected this season. My roses too. I don’t want to do much (it’s hard with Grace at this age), but I want to at least plant some flowers in my whiskey barrels. I really need to get out there and clean up my rose bushes too.

4) Read at least one more book. I’ve only read two this summer. It’s sad, I know. I’ve been busy though.

5) Clean our laundry room (which is more like a closet). The two shelves that we have desperately need to be organized.

6) Finish decorating my daughter’s room. It would be done by now, if I didn’t have such a hard time making decisions.

7) Get out more. We’ve gone shopping quite a bit. We make frequent trips to Hastings. A few trips to Starbucks. A weekly trip to Walmart. These aren’t the types of trips I’m talking about though. I’d like to take Fenix to the pool and let Grace put her feet in the kiddie pool; I’d also like to walk the greenbelt and just get to the park more. We took Fenix and Grace to the park the other day and had a blast. I put Grace in her carrier and swung on the swing with her and she loved it. (She also fell asleep:). I’d love to drive to the lake one day, but we’ll see. Our weekends (when Ken is off) have been filled with Ken and I playing tag team, as I finish cleaning out my mom’s house, so in truth, we just haven’t had the time.

8) Lose at least five pounds. This is a realistic goal. It’s not too many, just a pound and a little extra a week. Of course, I’d love to lose fifteen pounds and be back at my pre-pregnancy weight before school starts, but I’m fairly sure that won’t happen. Wishful thinking though:)

Well, that’s it. It’s really not that much and my goals aren’t difficult ones. So, wish me luck.


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