If Only I Had Learned the First Time

If you read my blog semi regularly, then you may recall a post where I did nothing but complain about my wisdom tooth and the constant pain I was in. Well, I was pregnant at the time and so I hemmed and hawed for quite some time before getting the tooth removed. If I didn’t think that losing my mind was a real possibility I probably would have waited. Because I was pregnant, they only took out my problem tooth and told me to have the rest removed that summer after Grace came. Did I listen? Nope. My teeth weren’t bothering me and a day with gauze filling my mouth didn’t sound appealing. Well, guess what? Did you make your guess?Bingo! My gosh darn wisdom teeth are killing me again. KILLING me! Now, it’s not as bad as it was when I was pregnant, although it was bad enough to wake me up last night (as if I don’t get up enough already with Grace:). And, it’s bad enough that pain killers only seem to work for about an hour. I’m sad. You would have thought that I would have just learned the first time from my mistake of putting off removing them. My dentist has seriously been telling me to get rid of them for years. I’m unfortunately already taking a day off this month for Grace’s doctor appointment and then two days next month for Ken’s surgery. Hopefully, they can get me in on our four day weekend in October, otherwise I just may go completely insane.


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