What Was I Thinking?!

Some Advice for Parents To Be:

DO NOT! And I repeat: DO NOT fill your home with animals before you bring a baby into it. I’m not sure what we were thinking when we decided we needed TWO dogs and TWO cats. I’m very sure one of each would have sufficed (However, once we got one, we figured they were lonely and needed another one of their kind to keep them company–THIS IS NOT THE CASE. THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN TOTALLY FINE!). So, here we sit, two kids, two dogs, and two cats. I love all of our animals. We could never give them up. But I tell you, sometimes our house feels like a zoo (Because of the animals, not the kids part:)

For example: Today Byron (our Doberman Pinscher) is trotting around the house like a horse. The neighbor’s dog is outside barking, and Byron is having NONE of that. Somehow he thinks that by pacing the house and whining that he is accomplishing something of great importance. Not sure what it is he thinks he’s accomplishing, but it’s something important for sure. He will NOT stop, and when he does, it’s to look at the back door as if an intrudor is about to break in. My gosh this annoys me!

Meanwhile, Bella (our wretched little min pin who I love, but if I could have given my young, newly married self, one word of advice, it would have been to NOT buy a min pin) is growling and attacking our cats every chance they step foot into our kitchen. Apparently she just realized today that they live here, and it pisses her off.

Maynard (cat) is crawling into the boxes of Halloween decorations that are sitting in rec room, and Mimi (our other cat) is doing this thing where she sits on our bed in our bedroom (bedroom door open) and cries as if she is lost or stuck somewhere. She will proceed to do this until I come into the room.

Seriously! What was I thinking?!


4 thoughts on “What Was I Thinking?!

  1. Noted! The part about Byron made me laugh. As for Bella, if I could give advice to a young/newly married Misty it would have been: get a dachshund. Yes, that would have been my preferred choice. I love you!

  2. I think that no matter the number of animals, your feelings towards them chance once you have a child… Switch was our “baby” until we had Natalia. Then things he would do would get on my nerves that wouldn't before. Now with two babies, he drives me UP THE WALL! I wouldn't give him up for the world, but he definitely drives me crazy. He goes nuts for the squirels outside and is constantly at our back door begging to go out and come back in… multiple times and hour. =)

  3. I love you too Sharlee! And, I totally agree. That or I would have just said that Byron was enough.

    I agree Selena. I actually kind of feel bad for animals because they get such little attention from us in comparison to what they used to get before Grace arrived. I can only imagine how tough it would be with a two year old and a newborn though.

  4. Soooo
    Misty I laughed at this and wish in all my heart that I had given an OLD MARRIED Woman with a 17 year old son some ADVICE as Well. Yes it is sad that Smoky died we miss him horribly he was unreal. NOOOOO we do not let the girlfriend talk you into a cat for a gift and then also tell them “well take the sister too because they will be lonesome..” MY hell people who like animals need treatment. 🙂 I plan to get it- in 10-15 years when these two go to the beyond.

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