On the Move

It has been such a long day.

I stayed up way too late last night playing around with photoshop.

I stayed later than I planned at the school, so that my gradebook would be up to date.

Then when Grace and I got home, we went into work mode; finishing up weekend laundry and prepping her food for the week. (We make most of her food ourselves, especially her veggies. I’ve been making a ton at the start of the week and freezing the rest in ice cube trays, so that all I have to do is heat it up or pack it for Cara’s. I could probably dedicate an entire post to this. The ice tray thing was such a great idea! Thank youhttp://wholesomebabyfood.momtastic.com/index.htm).

I did not wholeheartedly sit down until around 8:15 tonight.

I had planned to fill my mind up with some reality t.v. garbage for an hour or two (The Bachelor…yeah, I know.) Grace has had other plans though.

You would think she would be tired. She is on the go non stop, but for the last 30 minutes she has repeatedly crawled across our rec room, up our stairs (and by stairs, I mean two stairs), through our living room and then booked it to the kitchen.

She is on a mission.

Did I mention I am exhausted? Super duper tired? And ready for some mind numbing reality t.v.?

Well, I am; but to be honest, not much gets better than this.

My daughter is too much.

She cracks me up.

I would maybe grow tired of this if it weren’t for her absolute zeal to get wherever it is she thinks she is going, or the over the shoulder, “Ha, Ha, Mom. Try and get me,” grin she’s been giving me.

Or the fact that every time I set her back in the rec room and she takes off again, she laughs at herself.

I love her.

I love her so much, there’s no way I can describe it.

(You will have to excuse the bad quality photo…blame it on a combination of a moving baby and a camera phone.)

The couch can wait.

Ben (this season’s bachelor) can most definitely wait.

I’ve got a baby to chase down,

and a pretty cute one at that.


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