Is It Just Me?

So, I have this (not so secret) hope that my daughter will grow up to have curly hair. Sometimes I deliberately fluff it up (as much as it can be fluffed for being barely there), and tell myself it’s curly. Or, I just take photos of it after it’s dried from the bath… (See pic below.)

It’s not just me, right? There does appear to be a slight curl to it, right? Be honest now.

In truth, I will love my daughter’s hair curls or no curls, but this week my incredibly thoughtful husband brought Grace to see me at lunch. (I say he’s incredibly thoughtful because he already put in his 40 hours for the week. He worked 4 long and late days, and then on his day off drove 40 minutes both ways so that he and Grace could spend approximately 30 minutes with me. Most of that time was shared with middle school girls and a few fellows popping in to fawn over the baby. He’s a good man. What can I say, I got lucky).

Now, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, one of my 7th grade girls came in, took one look at Grace, and exclaimed, “She looks nothing like you Mrs. Dietz! She looks so much like your husband!”. This is true. Everyone, including me, can see Ken in Grace. Most see Fenix as well (with the exception of his grandma on his mother’s side, who asked to hold her at one of Fenix’s soccer games (a bit awkward…), and then very loudly announced, while holding her an arms distance away, “Well, you look NOTHING like you’re brother!”. Aren’t split homes fun for everyone?:)

Very rarely do I get that Grace looks like me, so I’m thinking that the curly hair is our last saving grace (saving grace…ha, do you see what I did there?).

I’d like for Grace to inherit more than my temper and lack of patience.

So, we’ll see.

What do you think?

Look closely.

Is it just me, or do you see a hint of curl???


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