In Need Of an HGTV Intervention

My big goal for spring break was to finally finish decorating my daughter’s room. I’ve worked on it little by little over the break. I also wanted to finish a book, trim my roses, build a raised garden bed, and lay down for at least one nap a day with Grace (not to nap but to hold her). I’ve managed to accomplish all of the latter, but Grace’s room is still in the works.

I probably should have had her room decorated before her arrival…you know, the whole nesting thing. In my defense her room has been set up for over a year now. It’s the decorating thing that has had me at a standstill.

I can’t make decisions in regards to decor.

It’s too much pressure.

What if it looks terrible?

What if I have to do it over?

Do I need a theme?

Should I paint her walls a different color?

There are too many ideas to choose from, how the heck can I choose?

You get the idea. Many a day did I pray for an HGTV intervention that unfortunately never came.

So, after much debate, this is the direction I’m going in:

I refuse to paint her entire room…at least for now. That was too big of a decision to make:)

Her room will be sans theme. I just couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing, unless you count eclectic as a theme. There are certain things in her room I can’t part with just yet, which makes giving her room a theme nearly impossible.

For example, I have a collage frame with pics of my mom, Grace’s aunts, and myself all wearing the same hideous cowboy outfit…and guess what? I’m going to make Grace take the same picture and add it to the frame. Yup, I’m THAT cheesy!

I have this HUGE teddy bear Ken gave me our first Christmas that sits in the corner of Grace’s room and makes a great pillow for sitting and reading.

My belly cast from when I was pregnant.

Numerous photos and a beautiful poem Elise, Sharlee’s mother wrote for Grace.

And last, a cross-stitch my mom made ages ago. Yes, that’s right folks, a cross stitch.

To add to the hot mess of decor I already have going, I’m building one of those cubbyhole shelf things for her toys, books, stuffed animals, etc. (By building I mean all the pieces are coming out of a box from target. I didn’t mean to scare you!)

I’m painting a cherry blossom-ish tree in her “reading corner”.

Putting up forward facing book shelves, as well as repainting some old shelves from my mom’s house.

Phew! It’s a lot. A week is plenty of time to get that all done in, but truth be told, a baby at your feet slows down the process a tad.

At this point I have made 2.5 of the four forward facing book shelves. Which means, I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.

So, if by chance you see Monica Pederson,

or any of her HGTV cohorts just hanging out with nothing to do, please send them my way.


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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