My Baby Girl Has Turned One!

My baby girl has turned one, and as predicted, this first year flew by in the blink of en eye. I’m afraid if the rest of the years go by as quickly as this on has, that I’ll be old before I know it:) It has been a phenomenal year and I have loved every minute of it. Well, almost:) This morning we woke up to a wet bed because of Grace, then when I changed her she proceeded to go potty again before I got a diaper under her. THEN when I put her in the bath, she managed to go to the bathroom AGAIN. I have to admit, I was not a fan of THOSE moments. But the rest, I have loved:) Grace has grown and learned so much in these first 12 months. She can get just about anywhere in the house in 15 seconds as a result of her fine tuned crawling skills, and she’s teetering (quite literally) on the edge of becoming a full fledged toddler. She is still a petite little thing, and her hair is coming in SLOWLY, so she still looks very much like a baby to me, and probably will for a while; so, for now, I’m referring to her as a baby. However, Enfamil would beg to differ. They’ve been sending me those “I am NOT a baby, I’m a toddler” pamphlets for about three months now. Each time I get one it makes me ache a little. I’m excited for the next phase of her life, but I’m also sad to see this one come to a close. Before Grace becomes a full fledged toddler, here area few fun facts about 1 year old Grace: **She is saying quite a few words now, although I’m not convinced she knows what she’s saying when she says mom. Here are a few she definitely knows: Kkk-Cat, Da-Dad, Da-Dog, Hi, Neow-Meow (My daughter adores our cat Maynard, and he appears to be pretty fond of her as well, or at least tolerant.) **She love to wave “Hello” and “Goodbye” and although she hasn’t mastered saying “bye” yet, she has the wave down anytime she hears it. **She gives huge, slobbery, kisses, that I love despite the drool. **And, she has started giving hugs. When I hold her, she’ll randomly lean in, wrap her tiny arms around my neck and squeeze her body to mine, often patting my neck. It’s too much. It warms my heart every time. In fact, I doubt it will ever get old. She has started to give them on command now too, which I love. **Her brother is still, pretty much, her favorite person:) She lights up when he walks into the room.

**She loves books. If I’m reading she will crawl over to me, her book in hand, and slap it down on my lap to read. Sometimes she just sits on the floor and reads out loud to herself in jibberish. **She LOVES being outside. She was this was as a newborn too. We used to bring the swing outside last summer, so she could enjoy the outdoors. If we’re doing yard work, she’ll play in her play yard outside. She loves to walk through the yard pushing her Minnie Mobile that my aunt gave her at her party or playing with Fenix’s soccer ball.

**She still loves the bath. Anytime she is fussy she immediately drops the temper tantrum when her feet hit the water. We got her a pool for her birthday and a cute little bathing suite, so we’re planning to spend lots of time in it this summer. As of now, she’s been in it twice. She loves to crawl out of it and then back in. Of course, once she crawls back in she’s covered in grass, which she then brings into the pool with her.

**She’s a good little shopper. We have yet to have a temper tantrum in a store, although I know it’s coming. **My daughter has my temper:( It’s true. I suppose it’s payback. My mother would laugh at it if she was here. In fact, I’m sure she’s laughing up in heaven. **Her hair has gotten light! I’d say it’s blonde, although recently you can start to see more red in it, so I’m curious what color it will be once it finally grows in. **She loves giving “bumps”. She’s been giving high fives, for a while, but Ken and I taught her bumps a few weeks ago, and she has taken off with it. **She is a good eater! You’d think she’d be chunkier than she is, because she loves food. Ken and I call her our little foodie:) She will try pretty much anything. Last night we ate spaghetti complete with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and zucchini and she ate it up! She also LOVES fruit, with blueberries probably being her favorite.

**She has just recently discovered the wonders of the kitchen, the pots and pans cupboard, the tupperware cupboard, and her favorite, the dishwasher:)

**I’m looking forward to spending the summer with her and beginning the adventure of the toddler years. This year has passed quickly, as I’m sure the next one will. Happy First Birthday baby girl! (P.S. I apologize that this post is not pretty. I really do know how paragraphs work, but blogger kept smushing all of my paragraphs together when I published this post. If anyone knows how to prevent that from happening, I would love to be enlightened:)


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