One Year In a Flash!


So, I promise I’m not attempting to set a record on how many time I can post about my daughter’s first birthday, I swear!  I was contemplating just adding a little blurb at the end of the last post I did, complete with pictures, but I thought her special day deserved a post all of its own.  So, here it is.  A quick glimpse at Grace’s First Birthday Party.

The Theme?  One Year in a Flash. With the help of some phenomenal friends, I used ribbon and clothes pins, and hung up photos of Grace’s first year all around the house.



Date? May 5th.  We celebrated a tad early so that Fenix could be there and so that we could have it on a weekend.

Colors?  Lots of pink!


Cake? Chocolate (of course!) with pink frosting.  I may need to post the recipe for the cake at some point, because it’s pretty incredible and super easy! Grace loved it and managed to get it EVERYWHERE!



Guests?   Us (Ken, Fenix, and I), my sister, Dennin, Brooke; Aunt Colleen, Uncle Hal, and Nic; Sharlee and Zach; Elise; Cara and kids; Amanda, Cecily, and Iris.  I believe I got everyone.  I failed miserably at getting pictures of everyone though, but I’ll be better next time.

Food?  With it also being Cinco De Mayo, we served chips, dip, and Ken’s famous Pico De Gallo (O.K. maybe just famous to me:)  It’s really good though!:) , with mini tacos and taquitos.  Grace LOVED the taquitos.  She had never had them before, but she ate them up!


It was a great day.  I really appreciate all the wonderful people in Grace’s life who have loved her so much through this first year and who made time to come and celebrate with us.  It couldn’t have been more of a success!

Here’s a quick look in pictures of the rest of Grace’s big day! Complete with her zonked out on the floor once everyone left:)



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