What Are You Having For Dinner? {Grilled Strawberries}

What are you having for dinner?

Tonight is a grilling night for the Dietz family! Grilling and eating on the patio is one of the many things I enjoy about summer.  My husband does most of the grilling, and on the docket for tonight is grilled BBQ Chicken, Dietz Veggies (our secret  signature family recipe) and my contribution, Grilled Strawberries.  I discovered this recipe on treehugger.com a little over a month ago, and just recently got around to trying it out.

It’s to die for!  Honestly! It’s delicious, unique, and super easy! It does involve brown sugar, but somehow I didn’t feel horribly unhealthy eating it.  It makes for a great dessert over ice cream or just an easy and sweet side for a night of grilling.

Here is what you’ll need:

*Skewers (If you use wooden skewers, you’ll need to completely soak them for at least fifteen minutes, otherwise they may burn when you place them on the grill.)

*1 pint strawberries

*1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

*1 cup brown sugar, or as much as you need to cover each of your strawberries

What you’ll need to do:

*Place your strawberries in  a large bowl and pour your balsamic vinegar over the top,. You’ll want to make sure each of your strawberries gets doused in vinegar, so you may need to use your hands to toss and turn your strawberries until they are all coated.  Then, let them set for at least fifteen minutes in the fridge, so the strawberries have enough time to soak up the vinegar.

*Roll each strawberry in brown sugar and then place four to five strawberries on each skewer.  Not all of your sugar will stick, but that’s O.K.  Feel free to roll your skewered strawberries back through the brown sugar if you see fit.

*Let the strawberries set in the fridge for at least fifteen minutes, and then throw them on the grill!

*Grill for around two minutes on each side and enjoy!


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