Weekly Photo Challenge:Today

This week’s photo challenge is “Today”. The goal was to grab your camera and capture a quick snapshot of your day. No searching through old photos. No staging a photo shoot or searching for a picture to fit the theme.

My day was busy! We spent a huge chunk of time running errands to get ready for Fenix’s 10th birthday party tomorrow, as well as doing some shopping for the week. The kids were troopers! Fenix was excellent and Grace wasn’t too bad herself. We shopped well into nap time and after an afternoon of shopping and getting in and out of the car seat, Grace was ready to sleep regardless of where we were at. The picture below, taken on my phone, is my submission for the week.


Grace fell asleep as we drove to Walmart. She was so tired that she didn’t wake up when we pulled her from her car seat and carried her inside. She managed to continue to sleep as we buckled her in and went about our shopping. Eventually we just wheeled ourselves over to the houseware section of the store and grabbed a few throw pillows to make her more comfortable.

This picture sums up our day!


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