What Are You Having For Dinner? {Lazy Lasagna}

The first time I made lasagna I was 21. It was my mother’s recipe (which on a side note, is excellent!).

I wanted to impress my boyfriend/future husband, so I went all out, completing the meal with a bottle of Arbor Mist. (What can I say? I was 21.  Our wine pallets have evolved, I assure you:) I hadn’t been living on my own for very long, so when I went shopping for ingredients I had to buy everything . I had yet to build up a collection of spices, and because my aim was to impress Ken with my amateur superb culinary skills, I didn’t cut a single corner.

My grocery bill was well over thirty dollars, which was a lot for my 21 year old self to spend on a single meal!

It’s a lot for my 28 year old self to spend on a single meal as well, and so as a result I have not made the recipe since.

It’s kind of sad really. In truth, it would cost nowhere near thirty dollars now that we have most of what we need in our cupboard, but that grocery bill made its impression, and my mom’s recipe has been enjoying its retirement for over seven years.

In the meantime I’ve made a few alternative lasagna recipes. One of which I’m serving up tonight: Lazy Lasagna.

Yup, that’s right.

Lazy Lasagna.

It is, what it is.





And, it  involves half the effort  and price of a traditional lasagna.

You can make it on a lazy day, which is what I’m doing today, or on a “I’m too busy doing everything else to spend much time in the kitchen” sort of day, which I plan to do once school starts up.

Despite being half the effort and price, it’s not half the taste.

I made this on a whim the first time, not expecting too much, and ended up bring really impressed.

Here is what you’ll need (in case you’re having a lazy day or an “I’m too busy” sort of day):

*1 lb ground beef

*Large container of your favorite spaghetti sauce (I think the bigger containers are around 32 ounces).

*1 bag egg noodles

*1 16 ounce container cottage cheese (small curd)

*1 bag mozzarella cheese (2 cups)

*Parmesan Cheese.

What you’ll need to do:

*Cook your egg noodles per package instructions.

*While your noodles are boiling, brown your ground beef.

*In the bottom of a 2 quart baking dish, spread a thin layer of spaghetti sauce, just enough to cover the bottom.

*Once your meat is brown, stir in the remainder of your spaghetti sauce.

*Once your noodles have been cooked and the water has been drained from them, stir in both the mozzarella cheese and the cottage cheese.

*Next,  layer your ingredients accordingly, starting from the bottom:

1/2 your noodle and cheese mixture

1/2 meat and sauce mixture

the remainder of your noodle and cheese mixture

the remainder of your meat and sauce mixture

*Sprinkle some parmesan cheese over the top, cover, bake for 25 minutes, and



I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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