Getting The Dirt On The Dietzs: March Through June

Wow!  Time has flown by!  I’ve been meaning to get to this update for about, well, three months now, but kept pushing it to the back burner, which means, be prepared for a TON of pictures.  I can’t really say that anything huge or life changing has happened in the Dietz household as of late, but I’ve managed to document all of the small stuff, which is just as important, right?  It’s actually pretty crazy that it’s only been four months since some of these photos were taken.  Grace has changed so much, and has gone from a baby, to a walking, talking, tantrum throwing, tornado of a  toddler!

Without further ado, a not so quick look at the last four months for the Dietz family.


I’ll be honest, I couldn’t remember a single thing about March other than me being in teacher survival mode leading up to spring break, until I took a look at our pictures.

March consisted of:

*Buying a new camera lens for taking portraits.

(This was one of the first photos I took with it. I snapped it while she was playing in her play yard. It needed no editing whatsoever.  I love Grace’s blue/gray eyes and her perfect little cheeks and lips.)

*A daddy/daughter photo shoot at the train depot in Boise.

*Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by dressing Grace up in a hideous bow.

In addition to making Grace wear the aforementioned bow (which she wore for the duration of this picture, and then she was done!), we also went to Beef O’Brady’s to listen to the bagpipes, which Fenix LOVED.  Grace, on the other hand, was not amused.  Maybe next year?

*Spring break spent with the ladies.  Ken had to work, and Fenix was with his mom this year, so Grace and I spent the week relaxing.  Toward the end of the week, Ken went to a Magic Tournament (cringe:) in Salt Lake, and Grace and I had a girls’ night with my niece, Brooke.  We watched T.V., went to the Zoo, started painting Grace’s room, and drank sparkling cider out of fancy  stemware:)

*We rounded out the month with a choir concert at Fenix’s school.

Fenix has had an excellent music teacher these last few years.  This year he decided to spend his Thursday lunch recess in choir.  We’ve really enjoyed getting to watch him perform and we think it’s pretty neat that he decided to join choir, even if it meant less play time.


April 2012 in the Dietz house= the start of soccer season and Easter.

We love soccer season.  We’re always disappointed each Fall and Spring when it comes to an end.  This season was different, as we were cheering on Fenix’s team WHILE chasing down Grace, who was entering the mobile stage, but we enjoyed it just as much, if not more.

We spent the day before Easter at the Easter Egg Hunt at Fenix’s school.  They had the field separated out by age groups, so while Grace and I went to the toddler and baby area, Fenix and Ken joined Fenix’s best friend Payton in Fenix’s age group.  Grace’s hunt consisted of me sitting her down by a piece of candy and taking a multitude of pictures while other parents and tots scrambled to get candy around us.  Fenix managed to come away with a nice stash of candy (most of which he has yet to eat) and a frisbee.  It was crazy crowded, but lots of fun! I remember taking my niece and nephew there with my mom and sister years ago, and I’m thinking we’ll probably make it a tradition.

Easter morning we woke up before the sun, got the kids looking spiffy in their Easter best, and attended mass.  The service was beautiful, Grace did great, never once warranting a trip to the crying room, and when mass was over, we got to enjoy the sun rise as we drove home.  Did I mention we beat the insane crowd that attends the services later in the day?  Huge bonus!  I think we’ll be doing the 6 a.m. service every year from now on!

The Easter bunny arrived while we were at mass, and he was very generous this year, leaving baskets for the kids inside the house, as well as a yard full of eggs.

My Aunt was sick on Easter this year, my Uncle was out of town, and my brother in law had just had surgery.  Normally we do a big dinner at my Aunts, but this year we did dinner at home, just the four of us.  At first I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be seeing family, but it ended up being a really nice evening, and although I’ll enjoy Easter next year with the whole family, Easter just the four of us, was really nice too!


May was a full month and I managed to nab lots of good photos, so be prepared:)

*We kicked off May by building a raised garden bed (and by “WE” I mean “Ken”.  He did all the building, I helped with the filling and planting though).

We planted tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapeno, and squash.  I took this right after we planted, so our plants our huge now!  I am really looking forward to harvesting all of our goodies!

*In addition, we planted strawberries in our whiskey barrels for the first time, and raspberries along the fence.

Bring on the berry goodness!

*We celebrated Grace’s first birthday, which you can read about here, here, and here. Yeah, I know it’s  a bit much, but your baby only turns one once, right?

*The weather was nice, so we BBQ’d and played in the yard a lot!

*Fenix and Grace had a tea party.  He is seriously the best big brother!

*We apparently tuckered Fenix out so much one day, that he fell asleep at the dinner table!

*Ken and the fam gave me a beautiful hanging plant for Mother’s Day (and I managed to kill it within two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  I’m still kicking myself for it!), and our roses bloomed!

*We continued to enjoy soccer season.  Fenix has grown so much and we’re already looking forward to the fall season.

*We spent Memorial Day at Settler’s Park, playing on the splash pad. Grace was soaked by the end.  I had to change her in the car before we could leave.  She was dripping water, but she had a blast, and by the end, she was walking! All it took was watching all the other kids running and walking around her.


June isn’t quite over yet, but I thought I’d include June in this post as well.  We had Fenix’s birthday party earlier this month, and he officially turns ten tomorrow; however, I am saving both of those things for a separate post.  I figured they deserved  a post of their own.  So aside from those two incredibly important things, we have spent much of our time at local parks this month.

*We spent an afternoon taking photos at the Star River Walk

*And another playing at Tulley Park.

*We spent an afternoon at Julia Davis and the Anne Frank Memorial as well, in addition to multiple trips to Settlers.  Grace loves the park.  She is a daredevil, which is exciting and frightening at the same time.  She’ll climb/walk/crawl up the equipment in the blink of an eye to get to the slide, which if it were up to her, she’d barrel down head first.  I’ve managed to follow her closely enough to turn her around just in time.

(Fenix on the brink of being mauled by a hungry goose at Julia Davis.)

(Fenix at the Anne Frank Memorial- This wasn’t a planned excursion, but ended up being a really neat one.  I’ve been there before, but Fenix hadn’t, and I think he got a lot out of it.  He has such a love of history and learning.)

*We’ve also spent a lot of time with Brooke this month. She even came over and babysat so that Ken and I could have a night out just the two of us.

*Grace’s love of books has taken off this month.  She is constantly throwing a book on my lap so that I can read it, or totting books around the house with her.

*June also means that we celebrated Father’s Day.

Ken had a three day weekend and we debated going camping, but then decided to stay in town and enjoy Dairy Days

(Grace appears to be seeing a UFO in this photo…or Jesus, I’m not sure.)

and the Renaissance Festival.

(The boys and their turkey legs.)

It has been a good and full few months.  I honestly had not realized just how much we had done or how many pictures I had taken until I started writing this post.  We’ve had a great spring and a fabulous start to our summer.  I’m already worrying that it’s going by too fast!


3 thoughts on “Getting The Dirt On The Dietzs: March Through June

  1. I love all of your pictures! Your family is adorable. 🙂 I am sure you are enjoying a few months off from work to be home with them.

    On a more technical note, how do you get the “Modern Day Matriarch” tag on each photo?

    • Thanks Michelle!

      I use Photoshop to put my blog name on my photos. It’s super easy to do, similar to adding a word box on word. You can do it on gimp as well. Sadly, I don’t really know how to run gimp. I always had my tech kids save that unit for last:)

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