15 Months Going On 15 Years

Grace is officially 15 months. O.K. Maybe she isn’t officially 15 months until around 11:24 tonight, but close enough.

Grace has grown and developed so much since her first birthday three months ago that it’s almost crazy! Seriously! I’ve discovered that time seems to move faster when you have a child, which means I’ll be old before I know it!

I have really enjoyed these last (almost) three months of summer break I’ve had with Grace, and sadly, I only have five more days of it:( We have had a blast. We’ve gone in vacations, gone swimming, and went to the park a bazillion times. I’ve learned how to balance a toddler and cooking dinner at the same time.


As well as discovered the fine art of trying on clothes in a department store with Grace. You can go back a few posts if you want the low down on that:)

We have had many dance parties and an equal number of tantrums.

Grace has learned a few new things along the way as well.

Over Memorial Day weekend she started walking, which has now turned into a toddle/run.

She has perfected three dance moves.

The squat, the sway, and her own version of raise the roof.

She can identify her ear and belly button and your eye. Very rarely will she point to her own eye, but rather whoever is within an arms distance away from her.

She’s learned new words. I think last time I posted about her vocabulary she was saying “da” for dad and dog, “ma” and sometimes “mama” for mom, “kkk” for cat, and “hi”.

She has now added “go”, “ga” (for all gone, it’s always followed by her raising her hands), “eye”, “button”(or “butt-ee” for belly button), “good” (which she only says after taking a bite of food), “nii” for nice (I added two i’s because the first one is said about an octave above the second:), and “ba-ba” for brother.

She’s also developed a few tells. For instance I can always tell when she thinks she is doing something naughty, because she gives herself away by tap dancing in place. For example every time she crawls up on the coffee table, she grabs dad’s poker chips and start her little tap dance. It’s almost difficult to be mad at her when she does it.

In addition to new words she has a few new obsessions, namely her shoes and other peoples sunglasses.


The shoe thing is almost too much. It’s her favorite toy. She carries them everywhere and recently started toting mine around too. In fact I’ve had a couple days when I’ve left later than planned because I’ve had to search for where Grace dropped my shoes.

She still loves her books.


I took the above photo when Grace was out in Marsing with me on Sunday helping me get my room ready for the year.

She also still loves playing outside. It’s her favorite.



She does not mind getting dirty AT ALL and she is constantly bringing rocks inside with her.

She’s also managed to become very brave. She can climb up the play ground and go down the slide all by herself, although I still follow her just to make sure she doesn’t go face first. She approaches people she doesn’t know and asks to be held (this could become an issue…), and she has started to go inside rooms and shut the door on me, including the dark bathroom. I’ll open the door up and there she will be sitting on the floor in the dark:)

We have had a good few months. I’m going to miss her like crazy when I’m teaching, but I’m excited to see what words she adds to her vocabulary and the different likes, dislikes, and little quirks that evolve over these next few months.


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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