Guess Who’s Hit The Double Digits?!

This guy!

That’s right folks, despite our many protests, pleas, and threats, Fenix has gone and turned ten on us! We’re not quite sure how it happened, but at this point there’s no stopping it, right? So, we might as well accept it. He’s actually been ten for a few weeks over two months now, it just took me a bit to get it out in the blog world. We were a bit in denial. Afterall, it’s all down hill from here, right? The next thing we know we have a middle school student on our hands, then a high schooler, which means girl trouble, and major homework, and curfews, and school dances, and driver’s ed, and car insurance, and then looking at colleges, and then going to college, and…I’m just going to stop right there because I already feel a panic attack coming on.

Where did this kid go?!

How is that in such a short time he can go from the picture above to this?

Fenix has become quite the little man. Because we couldn’t pause life and keep Fenix nine forever, we decided we might as well celebrate.

To celebrate Fenix’s entry into the double digits, we had a ninja party at our house a few weekends before the actual big day. We decided to celebrate at home this year. I was a bit worried we couldn’t pull it off, but to be honest, this ended up being one of the best parties we’ve thrown for Fenix, He had a really good turn out, we made fun decorations and food, and just had a plain awesome time. As the ninja’s arrived they entered the “Ninja Training Center”, also known as our backyard, and made ninja head bands. Then my husband Sensei Ken ran the ninja’s through a ninja training and competition. After training and competing, we served up some ninja warrior food, to help our ninja’s keep their energy up in case of an attack. Food consisted of sushi pb and j sandwiches, as well as sushi turkey sandwiches and sushi rice crispy treats (are you sensing a theme here?). We also served up some fruit skewers and easy finger food veggies. A couple of Fenix’s guests the ninjas even ate their lunch with chopsticks. It was very impressive. We topped off all that ninja food with ninja cupcakes, fortune cookies, and gifts.

Fenix’s actual birthday was pretty low key. We ate breakfast on the patio and opened gifts. Ken and Fenix had some play time at Wahooz and we went out to dinner with Fenix’s best friend. I also sat down and interviewed our double digiter (double digiter? Pretty sure I just made that one up, but we’ll go with it.)

A Conversation With Ten Year Old Fenix

Grade: Fifth

Hobby: Drawing

Best Friend: Payton

Thing Fenix is looking forward to the most this year: Our trip to the Oregon Coast.

Biggest Fear: Flying Bugs

What Fenix wants to be when he grows up: An Author

What Fenix would do with 1,000,000 dollars: Buy a mansion

If Fenix could change the world, he would: Stop Bullying

Dream Vacation: Lego Land

Fenix’s Favorites:

Book: Zombie Chasers

Movie: The Avengers

Food: Mac N Cheese

Cook: Dad

Drink: Coke


2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Hit The Double Digits?!

    • You did. We invited you guys but you were having your garage sale the same day. We had planned to invite you to our family dinner for his birthday, but his real birthday fell on a Sunday and we ended up just doing gifts over breakfast the four of us and then we took Fenix out to eat to a horrible Chinese buffet that he and Payton requested. I need to be better about updating my blog and posting photos. Maybe you should create a facebook account incognito and just be my friend and no one else. I’m not great at updating photos there either, but I seem to add them a tad quicker on there than here. They upload quicker and it’s less effort on my part.

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