Getting the Dirt on the Dietzs: Goodbye Summer!

Goodbye summer! Fall is officially here as of last week, and summer has most definitely ended for the Dietz family. Fenix started back to school a few weeks ago, and my district has been in full swing since mid-August.

I was not ready to see summer come to a close. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer off this year and all the extra play time I got with Grace and Fenix, not to mention the fact that I actually had energy when my husband got home from work for the evening:)

Before we find ourselves in the throws of holiday festivities (they really will be here much quicker than I probably even realize), I thought I’d take a few minutes and reflect on our summer.

I did a family up date back in June, so if you’d like to see how the Dietzs spent our spring and start to summer, you can visit that post by clicking here.

Without further adieu (or more rambling from me), here’s a look at the remainder of our summer.


This summer we actually went on a vacation that didn’t involve visiting family. It was our first family vacation (and we’ve been married five years, so it was kind of a bid deal:). That sounds as though we’re deprived, and really that’s not the case. If we travel it’s just usually back to the Nebraska/Colorado area that Ken grew up in. This June though, we decided to spend time on the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful and relaxing, and pretty close to perfect…


(This is a pic of the kids the morning we left for the Coast. Pretty adorable road trippers if you ask me.)

We had a few hiccups unexpected adventures along the way, such as the road to Waldport being closed on our way there. There was an accident, and after traveling over an hour on said road, we came across the accident and a not very friendly or helpful gentlemen who let us know the road was closed. Instead of travelling all the way back the way we came and going to Newport and then around to Waldport, we took a leap of faith and followed two men, who seemed to know what they were doing, along an old dirt logging road (that dropped off STEEPLY on the side), up and over the mountain that was keeping us from Waldport. We had no cell reception and a quarter tank of gas. I spent the entire hour praying and desperately checking our phone for service. Eventually we did make it to Waldport, and we managed to do so without running out of gas or falling off the sharp, steep edges of the logging road we traveled on. By the time we got to our little beach bungalow, it was ten, the sun was down, and we were starving (we were waiting to reach our beach rental before eating, in the hopes that we could order some local pizza and spend some time wading in the serf). Little did we know that Waldport shuts down at ten. Seriously. The. Whole. Town. Shuts. Down. At. Ten. Not even a gas station was open. Lucky for Grace, we had packed her a few easy meals (the equivalent to Chef Boyardee for toddlers, but hopefully healthier). So, while she chomped down on some baby ravioli, Fenix, Ken, and I ate goldfish and dry cereal. Despite the fact that our dinner was less than sub par, and we, or at least Fenix and I, had spent an entire hour praying and hoping we made it safely to Waldport, the fact that we could stand on the porch and hear the Ocean tide wash in, made the near death experience and dry cereal dinner, more than worth it.

Not to mention, we woke up to this:

Perfection, right? Coffee. 60 degree. Jeans and a sweatshirt. The sound of ocean waves. BEAUTIFUL view. Family. I could have stayed there forever! But unfortunately, we only had four nights on the Coast, which we managed to make the best of.

We spent much of our time playing on the beach. We’d walk for hours, getting dirty, watching for seals, and gathering sand dollars. Our beach rental was a short two block walk from the beach, which ended up being perfect. If When we go back next time, we’ll spend a little less time doing the tourist thing, and more time just enjoying the ocean.

(Our little make shift path to the beach.)





In addition to our time spent on the beach, we spent time exploring Newport and the Aquarium,

(If you’re wondering why the boys have their hands in a fish tank, it’s because they’re having all of their dead finger skin eaten off by Cleaning Shrimp.  Personally, I found this really disgusting. The boys on the other hand, were somehow really into it.)

an afternoon at  Seal Lion Caves,

a trip to Mo’s, and a lot of time sight seeing and fantasizing about buying a house on the beach.  It was a blast.


Our July flew by this summer.  Fenix was super busy balancing swim lessons and soccer camp.  When we weren’t running to activities, we were home enjoying the backyard or the park.

Grace spent  a lot of her time in her swim suit “swimming” in her wading pool.  (That’s code for: she spent a ton of time crawling around in the dirt and the sliding into the pool to clean up/muddy the water:)

We rounded out our July by going on a quick camping trip in McCall.  We STUFFED our little Toyota Corolla to it’s bursting point and trekked to the mountains for a weekend retreat.  We loved the Coast, but our trip to McCall was almost on equal par to it.  There’s something to be said about having no internet access and no t.v.  We spent a full 48 hours as a family with no distractions whatsoever.  We hiked, we swam, we cooked amazing food over the campfire (there’s just something about campfire food), we played Uno, and we chased Grace around for hours at a time:)  She was very fond of our neighbors and was constantly trying to make the escape over to their campsite.


August pretty much marked the end of summer for me and you can tell, because once I started school, I stopped clicking pictures. I have no proof that our little family even existed from August 19 through the end of the month.

I spent the first two weeks in August desperately trying to lengthen the days and wish away the start of school. I love my job, I just love my time with Grace a tad more.  I was sad to see the summer end.  We spent our August playing at home and prepping for the school year.  Fenix started soccer (Ken just recently stepped up as assistant coach, which has been a lot of fun for him and Fenix.)

(I have no real reason to include this photo other than it’s cute and it WAS taken in August.  Grace is a budding musician in case you didn’t know.  She loves the piano and my guitar.  Some times she pounds away, other times she is very delicate and methodical in her playing.)

We also took one last trip in August, back to McCall, to watch our friends Chrystal and Ray say “I do.”  It was a beautiful wedding and such a fun weekend.  The groom set us up with a small cabin on the boy scout property, so we came up a day early and did dinner on the shore of McCall Lake and spent time time playing in the lake with the kids.

(Fenix really liked the wedding.  He was especially impressed when Ray sang to Chrystal. In fact he turned to me when Ray was done, and said, “That was so cool!” 🙂

(Fenix also earned the away for “Brother of the Year” this trip!  Grace and Fenix played and played and played.  He isso good to her!)

(The beautiful bride and groom!)

August also marked five years of marriage for Ken and I.  Five years!  It really has gone by so quickly, it’s hard to believe we’ve hit the five year mark already.  We unfortunately didn’t celebrate in August.  Between school and our friends getting married, we held off until September, when our good friends Sharlee and Zach took Grace for the night so we could celebrate, but more on that later:)

Well summer, you’ve been fun!  This has been a summer for the record books between family trips and watching Grace grow.  Now that school is here (in fact I’m two weeks away from the end of the first quarter!) and the weather is starting to cool, I’m ready for fall decorations and spending  my weekends in a hoodie and jeans.

Bring on the fall festivities!


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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