Here’s To You, 2013!

I’m the New Year’s Resolution type. Call me corny or trendy, but it’s true, each year I make a list of resolutions that I manage to break within months or just plain never accomplish. Oh well. What can you do other than make more next year, right? Mine are never anything huge. There are no triathlons in this girls future. In fact mine are more simple.

In 2013

I resolve to be healthier-eat my vegetables every day-take my vitamins-allow myself some me time on the elliptical or to take a walk-I need to start showing that I value my body a bit more.

I resolve to put a stop to the negative self talk. This morning I was getting ready for work, and as I pulled on my work clothes and looked in the mirror, I muttered horrendous things about my body. This is totally a normal, all too typical, female thing to do. What really caught my attention was that I looked up and caught Grace’s stare in the mirror. This is an issue I need to put a cap on right now, so that I can set an example for the beautiful woman my daughter will be some day. I’d hate for anyone to talk about her the way I talk about myself, especially for her to do it. That is one trait I do not want to pass along to her.

I resolve to read more. Seriously, I am a bit embarrassed to admit how little I read these days. Teaching, a toddler, and running a household can do that to you, but I need to get back on track. Sometimes I read with a fervor-three books in a two week span, other times I will go an entire month without finishing a single one. So here is my goal: two books a month. This month I’m starting with “Under the Banner of Heaven”. (I’ve been watching a lot of “Big Love” lately, which got me interested in this book to a certain degree.). After that I’m looking at “Gone Girl” or “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. If you are interested in any of the three, you should read along and we can discuss. I would love, love, love to join a book club. I’m just never very good a finding any.

I resolve to potty train Grace. (Fingers crossed. We already have the Minnie Mouse potty in place.)

I resolve to go on more dates with my husband. This is just something that sometimes gets lost amid everything else, and we are definitely in need of more dates. (“This Is Forty” and dinner-this weekend, Ken?)

And finally, I resolve to be a bit more active in the mom group I’m a part of through Facebook and Meetup. It’s primarily stay at home moms (if I was being really cool, I’d write SAHMS- it took me an eternity to figure out THAT acronym! I could post an entire blog post on acronyms for the new mom-no joke!) I’ve been a part of the group for over a year and have been to one shindig. If anything, I need to go and let Grace play with other kids her age. A lot of the activities happen while I’m at work, and I have a hard time justifying much of anything on a school night, because our time is so limited, but I’m thinking I can do better than just one outing in over one year. The one we did go to was incredibly low key and Grace had a lot of fun. She was more concerned with playing in the water at the park and eating another child’s crackers at the time though, and I’m thinking now that she is older, she’d love to actually interact with other toddlers.

There you have it, my resolutions for 2013! Here’s to actually making them happen this year! (I was somewhat vague on the majority of them on purpose. I didn’t want to set myself up for complete failure:) I’m off to work on my reading resolution right now!


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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