Twenty Week Challenge

As a way to kick my rear end in gear in terms of becoming more healthy, I’ve joined a twenty week weight loss challenge through the mom group I’m a part of (Boise’s Babies and Tots). You could opt to lose ten percent of your body weight by the end of the challenge or a pound amount if you had a goal in mind. The buy in was $25. If you accomplish your goal by the end of the challenge, you get your $25 back. If you don’t, your money gets evenly dispersed among those in the challenge who did meet their goal. I decided to set my goal at twelve pounds because I have a certain weight in mind. Ken actually decided to join in on the fun as well and set a similar goal. We thought it would be easiest if both of of us were working towards a weight loss goal (although if we’re being honest, Ken has been eating far healthier than I have been in this last year. In fact, he’s lost around 20 pounds just by changing his eating habits and working in the occasional workout. I am very impressed/jealous!)

Anyway, we have been at it since Sunday. Our regular weigh in day will be Saturdays, so perhaps I will keep you updated on my progress (if there is anyway, that is). I am really hoping the level of accountability will be enough to keep me on track.

About a year ago I said I wanted to lose the last five pounds of my pregnancy weight, and I did (thank you nursing!). Then I got a new scale- a fancier, digital, more accurate scale, and realized my old scale was off by five pounds. So although I had lost five pounds, I still had five to go. If I reach my goal, those five pounds will be gone, plus a little extra. My goal isn’t unreasonable. In fact, it’s incredibly doable, it’s just a matter of actually making myself do it!

So far, so good. I’m using the myfitnesspal app to track my calories each day, and I’ve actually managed to get my butt on the elliptical five times this week! Go me! (One time, I must confess, was to work off a Moxie Java mocha. But hey, at least I put in the extra time to work it off! right?) Yesterday we had a snow day, which gave me some extra time at home, I think in the future, if I aim for four workouts a week, I’ll be doing good.

So, wish me luck blog world! I’m hoping I continue to feel the push to reach my goal as I have this week, and that twenty weeks from now (or maybe sooner) I’ll be there.


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