Well, we have a sicko on our hands. And, by sicko, I mean a phlem hacking, feverish, snot dripping, whining, clinging, not sleeping (me not her), sicko.

Fenix came back to us with a cold on Wednesday, and by Friday his cold had jumped ship to Grace.

As a result, Grace’s normal sense of drama has been heightened.

Example A: Yesterday I went to Winco at eight in the morning, hoping most everyone would be at church, so that I could get the majority of our grocery shopping done while Grace stayed home with Ken (he had to work at 11). I came home to Grace in just her diaper (she had gotten breakfast all over her night shirt) and her tennis shoes. Until bedtime last night, Grace REFUSED to take her tennis shoes off. She threw a tantrum when I took them off to put her clothes on the for the day and only found comfort when they were safely back on her feet. She napped in them. She told me “No! No! No!” with a pointed finger anytime I tried to coax them off her.

Example B: At dinner last night, Grace became irate at her sippy cup, used her signature move and pointed at it with her index finger, and shouted “No! No! No!” The jury is still out as to what offense her sippy cup could have possibly committed.

Example C: I bought Grace sugar cookies on my aforementioned trip to the grocery store. (You know the nearly tasteless ones they make for every holiday-they’re shaped like a small disk with whatever seasonal doo-dad is appropriate in the center. These ones have hearts with Micky Mouse ears. I thought I’d spoil Grace a bit because she was feeling under the weather.) Well, apparently being sick has brought out her obsessive personality, and she knows EXACTLY where those cookies are on the counter. This morning she woke up, rolled to the end of our bed, waved goodbye to us, dropped to the floor, and booked it to the kitchen to get a cookie. When Ken wouldn’t give her one, she had a MAJOR melt down. The audacity of us not giving into her cookie needs at 6:30 in the morning! :). Seriously, what kind of parents are we?

Example D: After breakfast today, Grace took a quick bath. Once she was out of the bath and dry. She grabbed her pajamas from the night before and booked it to our living room. When I took her to the changing table to put a diaper on she was in tears. (Not a diaper! Anything but that, mom!) When I took her dirty P.J.’s from the night before from her (that she apparently wanted to put back on) she was beside herself! She sat on the couch, shirtless and in jeans, and cried for a good ten minutes before she let me console her (or put a shirt on her).

My daughter has a natural flare for drama as it is, but this cold is pushing her to the edge!


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