Getting the Dirt on the Dietzs: September through December Edition :)

Well, I have become incredibly bad at keeping at the whole blogging thing.  Granted, I don’t know that I was ever that good at staying up to date in the first place, but I really seem to have fallen short lately, and this family update post (about the last few months of 2012) has literally been sitting in my drafts box since January 1st.  AND, I have another family update post to throw together as well. So, because I know you have been waiting with bated breath to see what the Dietz family has been doing to keep themselves busy, here’s a look at how the Dietz crew spent the last few months of 2012. (You will have to excuse me if this seems a little dated.  I really did write the majority of this back in January, and then just let it sit in the draft box, waiting for me to upload a few pictures.) The last few months of the year have kept us busy.  Grace has continued to grow despite our many protests.  She is now into just about EVERYTHING, and she is mastering words left and right. (My favorite being “Mommy”, which she has recently started to use instead of “Mom” and I have to admit I absolutely love it!  There is something very endearing about “Mommy!” no matter how many times in a row she shouts it:) Fenix is heading into the last half of 5th grade, which means middle school is right around the corner for him.  Although this is super hard to believe, we see some middle school tendencies rear their head from time to time, so we know the inevitable is coming:) But, enough about that; here’s a quick look at how we’ve spent the last few months of 2012.


Oh, September-you seem but a distant memory! Seriously!  I had to break out the pictures to even remember what we did in September.  Luckily they jogged my memory. September, was filled with lots of soccer. IMG_9471 IMG_9618 We love our soccer in this family, and that’s no joke ! From my niece, to Fenix, to Ken, to Grace.  We dig soccer. Even I like it, and I’m not really a sports kind of girl, unless by sports you mean watching “Dance Moms” on Lifetime (by the way,that show is Crazy, with a capital C!) IMG_9183 Ken even jumped in on the fun this year and stepped up as assistant coach.  Which meant that instead of just yelling from the sidelines and barking things in my ear that I have no hope of understanding, he got to do all of that on the other side of the field, to ears that actually understood his input:)  In truth, I missed him a ton on the sidelines.  Grace is not a sit still and watch kind of gal, so two parents are always better than one, but we survived, and he will be coaching again next season. In addition to soccer, Ken turned  thirty one,  twenty-nine (for the third time– if you catch my drift) this past September.  We had  a pretty mellow celebration at home just the four of us and then threw  a BBQ/poker games over Labor Day weekend to celebrate with our friends as well. IMG_9259 IMG_9276(Note the amount of smoke coming off off of those thirty-one twenty-nine candles!  Just saying…) In addition to that, Grace spent  a lot of time harassing her brother, IMG_9177throwing irrational temper tantrums, IMG_9207 and just being ridiculously cute! IMG_9246 IMG_9569 September also marked the beginning of college football, which meant we began flying our Husker flag.  (I know folks, I know.   I promise I bleed blue, but I married a man from Nebraska, so I have to humor him, right?) IMG_9196 (Just between you and me, he is kind of a big dork, but I love him anyway.  That, and I admitted to watching “Dance Moms” earlier, which means I have NO ROOM TO TALK! 🙂


October for the Dietzs meant another month of soccer. IMG_1292 In fact, it marked the end of soccer for the time being.  Fenix gets a breather until soccer kicks back up in March.  The pic above was taken after the last game.  Hasn’t Fenix gotten huge?  O.K.  so perhaps, huge isn’t the right adjective to ever describe Fenix, but he has definitely grown.  He won’t be little for much longer.  We are really hung up on the whole, “He’s going to be a middle schooler” thing in this household.  The realization has been a painful one.  Can’t we just freeze him right where he’s at? In addition to October also being another month of soccer, it was also another month of Grace of being ridiculously cute IMG_0521 and getting super, duper messy!

I managed to take some cute photos of the kids at Kathryn Albertson Park.  You can check those out here, if you’d like.  It was next to impossible to get a good shot of Grace now that she is always on the go, but after nearly two hours, we managed to get a few. We rounded out the month of October celebrating Halloween.  Fenix was with his mom on Halloween this year, but we celebrated a few weekends early with our annual Halloween party, so that he would still celebrate in some capacity with us.  Much to the chagrin of some of our friends, our theme was “Pirate Vs. Ninjas”  We, of course, were ninjas, but we had a nice mix among our friends, with a few pirates, a ninja, and even a pirated DVD!

(I unfortunately did not get a picture of everyone, as I noticed only after the fact, so I’m sorry to the ninja who didn’t make our pictures…or did he? Perhaps he was just so stealth, you can’t see him?) When the 31st rolled around, we dressed Grace up in her Piglet costume from last year, and took her to my aunts to trick or treat as well as to a few houses around our neighborhood.  She was incredibly cute, and although she couldn’t say “Trick or Treat!” she got the whole walk up to the house, look cute, get candy, thing, down right away.  We were lucky enough to have my sister stop by to trick or treat with us, and Sharlee stopped by to say, “Hi,” as well.  (I forgot to mention earlier, that we also carved a few pumpkins with Grace, which ended up being a ton of fun.  My daughter does not mind getting messy at all!  She was totally into pulling out the pumpkin guts and getting her hands all sticky and gross.) IMG_1999 IMG_2023 IMG_2031 edit IMG_2058 November

November was pretty low-key for us.  We, of course, celebrated Thanksgiving, although this year was pretty quiet.  Normally we have Ken’s family in town, but this year it was just us, along with my sister and Aunt, and their families.  (P.S. My uncle makes a Turkey that is absolutely divine.  He lets it set in a brine for a few weeks prior and then tosses it in the smoker.  It  is nothing short of amazing every year, and I am not even that much of a turkey fan.) Other than Thanksgiving, we spent a lot of time going for walks prior to the weather turning cold and cruddy, IMG_2102 (Even Grace enjoys Dutch Bros!) IMG_2098 blog turning everything we could think of into a fort for Grace, IMG_2130 blog IMG_2210 blog

(“Come play, babba!”)

IMG_2214 blog

and cuddling with Grace (when she’d let us.)

IMG_2276 blog

(I adore the above photo! )

We also coined two nicknames for Grace during November.

Nickname #1: Sourpatch Kid

One minute she’s sour…

IMG_2148 blog

(It’s hard to see, but she smacking dad in the head)

The next minute she’s sweet.

IMG_2149 blog

(Three seconds later and she’s giving dad kisses.)

Nickname #2: Elle Woods (The picture speaks for itself.  She’s decked in pink, with her purse in one hand and her laptop in the other.)

IMG_2162 blog


We kicked December off with Meridian’s annual tree lighting ceremony.

IMG_2319 blog

IMG_2324 blog

Before we headed to Christmas break, Fenix was awarded a character award at his school, for the character trait “compassion”.  We thought it was pretty fitting.

IMG_2658 blog

December also marked a lot of cookie baking in our house.

We  managed to have ourselves a Christmas baking party with my sister and niece (even my nephew stopped by!)  I think this may become a family tradition because we had a blast.    Grace was in a sugar coma by the end of the night.  We made my mother’s peanut butter cup cookies that she used to make around Christmas time, mint oreo truffles, my grandma’s mound bars, and we attempted to make my grandmother’s Mexican wedding cookies.  My grandmother wrote the recipe down wrong though, and so we ended up with a bunch of powder and absolutely nothing that resembled dough.  Those will be on the menu for next year.

Grace had a major melt down once I officially cut her off from eating cookies for the night.  🙂

Then, we spent Christmas Eve making cookies (once again–Christmas and calories  cookies are pretty much synonymous with each other in our household during the month of December) with our friends Amanda and Cecily.  (They have spent the last eight months living in Arizona, and we are desperate to have them move back.  We were really excited to get to spend time with them over the Christmas break.  Now we’re just ready to have them back within driving distance.  Although, sadly, I’m not sure that’s going to happen.  We may have to make do with Christmas and summer, but we’ll take all the time we can get!)

IMG_2404 blog

IMG_2420 blog

After our friends left for the evening, Grace and Fenix each got to open their gift of “read” from us, and their gifts from Ken’s family.

IMG_2431 blog

IMG_2434 blog

Once morning came and Santa had stopped by, Grace was naturally the first one up, so we sent her in to wake her brother, and then we let the festivities begin.  My sister and her family always join us for Christmas morning, and then we had the whole family over for Christmas dinner. (We started a new tradition of rounding Christmas dinner out with a game.  This year’s game? The Game of Things.  Playing with the whole family was hilarious to say the least:)

Here are a few pictures of Grace and Fenix post Christmas.  Fenix is enjoying the Nook that Santa brought him, while Grace is cuddled up with Minnie and her baby in one of her new blankets.

IMG_2659 blog IMG_2665 blog

That pretty much sums up the remainder of our 2012.  Perhaps next time I won’t wait three months after the fact to post about it:)  We’ll see.


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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