Confessional Friday

I stumbled upon Confessional Friday via a blog called A Blonde Ambition. It looked like fun, so I thought I’d join in.

I confess…

*I am currently obsessed with the show “Nashville”.

nashville blog

I don’t know what it is. I’m not even a country music fan. It somehow mirrors my middle school and high school love of the movie “The Thing Called Love”.

For years I was convinced I wanted to move to Nashville and sing at the Blue Bird Cafe. Although I have no desire to move to Nashville now, I am definitely wrapped up in the lifestyle and story line of “Nashville”-dramatic as it may be. Will Deacon and Rayna rekindle their love? What will Gunnar do next to overcome the death of his brother and will Scarlett be left to pick up the pieces? And, what new shenanigans will Juliette be up to next? You get the drift. I-AM-HOOKED. I suppose it could be worse. 🙂

*I am literally one pound heavier than I was when I went to my first doctor’s appointment when I was seven weeks pregnant with Grace (you know the one where they confirm your pregnancy, and they tell you how much weight to gain, etc). In my delusional mind, I thought for sure that meant my body would at least somewhat resemble what it used to. Nope. Not one bit; and, I have a feeling losing that last pound is not going to make much of a difference (granted, it is coming off damn it!). I guess this means I have to actually start doing all those work outs I’m pinning on pinterest. Apparently, pinning them isn’t enough. Who would have known? (I had a student tell me that she heard on the radio that just looking at a person who has a healthy and toned body is actually more beneficial than working out…If only that was true. Well, if that was true, I would have been back to my pre-baby body months ago by the looks of my health board on pinterest.)

*I made naughty donuts this morning for breakfast, which means I won’t be losing that last pound today:) We grocery shop every two weeks, and today is the day, so this morning we were out of all of regular breakfast foods from peanut butter to eggs. The donuts were delicious though and worth every calorie. Grace was in cinnamon and sugar heaven (and then she was in the bath immediately after because she was covered from head to toe).

*My students finished their Reading ISAT this last week. It’s the best any of my classes have done, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m crossing my fingers that we can carry that momentum into the Language Test, and then we can put all this standardized testing crud behind us, at least for another year.

*I am ready for summer. I love my students, but bring on the sunshine, shorts, reading books on the porch, taking Grace to the splash pad, and enjoying a glass of wine while Ken grills dinner. Summer break, I am awaiting your arrival with open arms.

*Grace is really into giving me LONG kisses. She puts her hands on both side of my face, presses her lips against mine, makes her eyes super wide, and then starts to twist her head back and forth while she says “Mmmmmwwwa!”. Ken says she’s watched too much of “The Bachelor” with me. What do you think? Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Could this possibly be Shawn’s fault?

bachelor blog

Or is this typical, bizarre toddler behavior? I’m hoping thinking it’s the latter.

*This last one really isn’t a confession at all, but rather an announcement. Ken got a new job! Woohoo! It’s actually not a NEW job, because Ken is still working for the same company, and doing the exact same thing, BUT he is transferring pharmacies, and I am E-C-S-T-A-T-I-C! I won’ t go into too many details (ha! I’m a little loquacious-so we’ll see how THAT goes), but Ken’s store went through some hour cuts as they usually do at this time, and because his pharmacy had three techs, with only enough hours for 2 techs and a part-time tech, everyones’ hours got cut. There’s no seniority policy, and so despite the fact that Ken has been there for an eternity, we were left in a position of not having enough hours to make ends meet. So Ken picked up hours at another store and started working every Sunday (kinda sucky, but doable). Yet, there were still weeks when he’d have to pick hours up at other stores and work six days that week just to get full-time hours. Because he was working multiple store to get hours, his schedule was wonky and all over the place, with the majority of his days off split up and during the week while I worked. Needless to say, it made it hard to spend time as a family. He had a trial run at a new store this week, and they offered him a position with them on Wednesday, so starting next week, we’ll finally get to resume some semblance of normalcy! He’ll get his hours and he’ll get a reliable, set schedule; plus he’ll get Saturday and Sunday off! I’m pretty stoked, if you can’t tell. I have really missed having my husband home on the weekend!

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate his transfer/the Reading ISAT being over and done with/Fenix rocking his Language and Science ISATs (advanced on both!). We wanted to try something new, so we went to Mickey Ray’s, expecting something like Dickey’s. Dickey’s it was not! It was good, but more of a date place, than a bring the whole family place. The kids were great though, and I’ve attached some pics from my phone below of our little celebration.



Well, those my friends, are my confessions and announcement for week. How about you? What do you confess?


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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