Friday Free-Write

I’ve grown accustomed to participating in A Blonde Ambition’s Friday Confessions Link-Up, but I didn’t see it posted today, so it looks like I’m doing my own thing: the Friday Free-Write. Feel free to write along:) In no particular order, here are my thoughts, announcements, and reflections for this past week.


*I am getting kicked out my house for the evening. For about six hours tonight, Grace and I are homeless. Yup, it’s true. My husband, is hosting a bachelor party for our friend Alan, who is getting hitched in a few weeks. Alan wanted a low key party of poker, friends, and a few adult beverages. Somehow our house ended up getting chosen as the launch pad, which put Grace and I out on the streets for the evening. O.K., so maybe we’re not out on the “streets” per say. Grace is actually going to spend some time with my niece while I meet up with my sister for a bit, and then we’re going to very stealthily make our way back into the house without the boys knowing, and sneak into bed. At least that’s the plan. My sister is taking me to her favorite hot spot. She says they have wine; bless her heart. I think that by wine, they mean Sutter Home. I’m really not a wine snob-half the time we have a juice box in our fridge (code for a cheap box of Franzia), but bars that “serve wine” and then only have a three dollar bottle of White Zin and a Merlot, make me kind of sad. I will make due though.

*My daughter may, indeed, be a ninja as her daddy had hoped. She is really into playing hide ‘n go seek lately without really formally playing it-or letting me know we’re playing for that matter. For example the other day she was trailing me from my bedroom to her’s. I reached into her drawer to grab her some clothes and she completely disappeared. I called her name and searched my room, the bathroom, and the living room, expecting to find her in her usual hiding spot, and found no sign of Grace. I also heard no sign of her either. No giggle. No gasp for breath. No excited kicking of feet. I actually began to panic. Could someone have been in our house and taken her in a span of thirty seconds? Why was I not hearing a peep from her? I then began to shout her name. Still no response from her. I eventually saw the lump of blanket sitting on the floor in front of the couch in the rec room, and pulled it back to reveal my daughter, still as a statue, hiding in complete silence. I was in awe that a near two year old could muster the amount of self restraint not to shout out or giggle as I was searching for her. This could prove problematic in the future!

*Today is grocery shopping day, which means I should be dragging my feet and dreading it, right? But here’s the weird thing. I actually enjoy meal planning and grocery shopping. I’m not sure what I’ll do if I ever go back to working for a district that has school five days a week, because getting my shopping done on Fridays has its advantages, but I actually look forward to grocery shopping. Perhaps this is a sign that I need to get out more. I’m not so sure. I will confess, I’ve been reading a lot about eating less processed foods, and sticking to only whole foods, especially through the mom group that I’m a part of via facebook. Well, as much as I’d love to say that I’m one of those, I’m not. At least not 100%. We try our best, we eat a ton of veggies and I make a lot of our meals from scratch, but I seriously plan at least one frozen/easy meal a week, be it frozen lasagna or a Stouffers teriyaki chicken. I’m also not afraid to put hamburger helper on our list from time to time. I try really hard to make sure we keep our groceries, personal, baby, and pet items under 250 for two weeks (family of four), not to mention sometimes we just have to look for the easy outs on nights that are filled with commuting and soccer. I’ve come to realize I’m O.K. with that. I don’t think I’m doing an injustice to Grace by feeding her Cheesy Pasta Shells from time to time:) (Although when I write out our meals for the week on our meal planner, I never actually write Hambuger Helper, I have to make it look a bit more professional than that. I prefer to call it “Skillet Lasagna” or “Basil Penne” ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a geek! ๐Ÿ™‚

*I have to work on Grace’s birthday. This kind of breaks my heart a little bit. O.K. Maybe a lot a bit. I’m out of personal days, between taking off for a friends wedding, having daycare issues, and then using up one of my other days early on in the year, I have no time left to take off. I’m tempted to move her two year check up to her actual birthday so that I can be home with her that day and take off with one of my medical days, which I have plenty of, but I feel like a flake missing school, because I missed a day this past week. I know she won’t remember. She’ll be turning two. She won’t even know it’s her birthday, but I will, and I already ache about it. I had planned to do something special that day: Mickey Pancakes, the park or the zoo, something fun for dinner. It will be O.K. though. I think I’m seriously just going to pretend the following Friday is her birthday. Is that completely crazy? I’m going to wake her up that day with birthday pancakes, even if it’s two days behind. Then I’ll get her dolled up for a mommy and me date on the town. We’ll have technically already had her birthday party the weekend before because we’ll have to do it early when Fenix is with is. I just want to make sure I celebrate the actual day with her as well. Perhaps I’ll just leave work during my prep on her birthday, and pick her up by 3:15. Then we’d have enough time to go somewhere fun like Jump Time or Bounce. We will have to see. It just kind of makes me hurt. Next year I will most definitely NOT be missing her birthday. That is a promise! Who knows, maybe I will move her two year check up to her actual birthday anyway…

*I’m contemplating changing the title of this blog to The Graced Life. Sort of a play on Grace’s name. What do you think?

*Oh, and I almost forgot! I finished the book Reconstructing Ameliathis week and loved it! I read the review on and was completely hooked! I downloaded it last Saturday and had it finished Tuesday night. In fact, I was a terrible wife Tuesday night because Ken came home and I was in the last forty pages. I had to finish before I could be social:)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all out enjoying the sunshine (if you have sunshine in your neck of the woods, that is. If you don’t, perhaps you should curl up with the above book. It’s a good one! )


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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