You Know Your Daughter Has Been Spending a Little Too Much Time with the Boys When…

-she does the elbow drop wrestling move on you when you’re lying in bed. (At first I thought she was just doing some weird adorable thing she may have got from the seven dwarves, as she slung her hand, fist and all, to one side of her body, and then fell onto me. In fact, the first time I laughed uncontrollably. By the third time I realized that instead of being cute, she was elbow dropping me like she was on WWE Raw.)

-she picks up the gun from the old Nintendo set (and I mean OLD, old, as in the first Nintendo-with “Duck Hunt”) and points it at your head. (This seriously took my breath away. We don’t hunt in our house and so we don’t own any guns-not even toy guns. The only reason I even had the “Duck Hunt” gun out is because I was seeing if our old system worked so Ken and I could have an at home date night)

-She takes the plastic ninja sai her brother used as a part of his Halloween costume, points it at your neck, furrows her brow, and mumbles something that resembles the words “Die momma!” I don’t know if she actually said that, but it was startling close.

So help me Lord. I’m not sure where my cute, innocent, dolled up in pink daughter has gone.

Thank the heavens she still runs up to me with open arms when she sees me, gives hugs and kisses freely, and prefers “Doc McStuffins” to “Black Ops 2”.



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