Fenix Rising

Well, it’s official.

Fenix left the house this morning as an elementary student

IMG_3557 blog

and came back a middle school student.

IMG_3587 blog

How did he go from this:

fenix k graduation

To this:

IMG_3597 blog

in the blink of an eye?  O.K. maybe not the blink of an eye, per say.  But seriously! He has sped through elementary school (am I even old enough to have a step-son in middle school? I guess so!)

It’s been such a good day.  We celebrated Fenix’s move from elementary to middle school with a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and strawberries.  Grace was all about hugging on her big brother this morning.

IMG_3560 blog

We attended Fenix’s 5th grade recognition, where Fenix got an award for completing 5th grade, for being a part of K-Kids (a group based primarily around serving and improving the community), and then an award for showing strengths in all academic areas (his teacher handed out academic awards for each student’s two strongest classes, and Fenix’s grades were strong across the board).   We took Fenix to lunch, just the three of us (because my sister was kind enough to watch Grace, who would have been ALL over the place during the recognition ceremony), and then we rounded off the night with Fenix having a friend sleep over.  Over pizza the boys talked girls.  Fenix’s friend, Logan, just broke up with his girlfriend of less than 24 hours:)   It was a good day.

Dare I imagine what it’s going to be like three years from now when we attend Fenix’s 8th grade recognition? How much will he change in these next three years?  How will middle school shape him?   Looking through the pictures of his kindergarten graduation had Ken and me aching!  My gosh has he changed.  He has grown into such an intelligent, creative, compassionate young man.  I consider it a blessing to be a part of his life and upbringing.


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