Summer Bucket List

I’ve been meaning to post, but summer break has had me distracted. I’ve been out of school for a little over two weeks now. The first week of summer didn’t actually feel like summer because I found myself wrapping up school stuff, but once week two rolled around, I was definitely in summer mode. So far this summer, we have:

Spent an afternoon at the Meridian pool for Fenix’s birthday.

Spent an afternoon at IvyWild Pool in Boise. We had a blast! Grace was continuously going up and down the kid slide. On top of that she figured out how to pull herself out of the kiddie pool (1.5 ft deep) by using the lip of the pool, and she even got to ride the big kid slide on my lap. Needless to say she screamed bloody murder when we had to leave:)

Watched SYTYCD with my niece.

Had my sister’s family over for dinner for my nephew’s 16th birthday.

Played at Settler’s Park.

Finished a phenomenal book called Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. Beautiful language. Beautiful storyline. Beautiful book. Read it! Seriously! I could not put it down. In fact I was so wrapped up in the world created by Krueger that I’ve had a hard time getting into my next book (The Last Book In the Universe).

Taken Grace to her first day of soccer. Oh my goodness, was that an adventure. Thank God for Fenix! He helped corral her and keep her focused. Soccer is right by the park, so it’s hard to keep Grace from the playground equipment.

Ate 75% of our meals on our patio.

Spent an afternoon at the zoo.

Had a sleepover for Fenix’s birthday (well, I didn’t have a sleepover, rather three soon to be middle school students crashed on our rec. room floor after a night of swimming, s’mores, games, and movies).

Played in Grace’s pool that my aunt gave her. It’s complete with a Palm Tree sprinkler.

Watched the entire first season of Friday Night Lights. (I am addicted! Seriously! I don’t even like football, but I LOVE this show! Kinda like the way I love Nashville but don’t listen to country music. Weird!)


Hiked around Camel’s Back Park with the husband, kids, and dog.

I think that pretty well sums up our summer so far. It’s been just a little over two weeks and already I’m starting to panic that its passing too quickly! So here’s my list of “must do” activities to accomplish before August 12th rolls around (or at least before we hit September).

Summer Bucket List 2013

*Actually log on to the computer so I can post about Grace’s birthday. I’m not sure if I have even turned my computer on yet this summer. My IPad seems to fulfill any need I’ve had to connect to the Internet world.

*Start potty training Grace.

*Go camping at least twice.

*Camp somewhere new to us this year.

*Float the Boise River with Ken.

*Have friends over to grill and have a game night.

*Read, read, read!

*Spend a day at Roaring Springs with the kids.

*Hit up a local winery for some new wine or visit the Boise Co Op’s wine section.

*Go on a kid free kid date (go carts, games, mini golf, bowling, you get the picture).

*Write a new unit or two…Plan for next year in general.

*Purchase a Bountiful Basket.

*Hit the Boise farmer’s market.

*Attend a Boise’s Babies and Tots meet up so Grace can play and make friends.

*Eat on the patio as much as humanely possible:)

*Update our online photo albums and finally decide what to do about hard copies.

Well, I think I’ve hit them all. It’s seems long, but the more I look at it, not too bad. So, here’s to summer break and hoping it slows down a bit so I can savor it:)


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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