A Good Day

I’ve spent the last week in a classroom from 8-5, working on a graduate course on the Common Core.

As a result, we have spent no time playing in our backyard, let alone the park, and no time at the pool:( It was a fast week for me-something about being in class all day and doing homework at night left little room-but a lackluster one in terms of summer time fun. (On a side note, and professionally speaking-the class was great! I accomplished a lot and had fun while I was at it-teacher fun-and yes, there is such a thing:). I just missed my time with the family.

So we made up for it today.

Our day began like this:


(Three quarters of the family all ready for a day at the water park-the last member of our crew was behind the camera.)

And ended like this:


It was a good day-a good, GOOD day!

(Now I’m off to toss my chocolate covered, sticky but happy, mess of a two year old in the bath.)


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