Gracelyn Is Two!

My baby girl is two!  It happened whether we wanted it to or not. I have yet to find a remedy for this whole getting big WAY too fast thing, so I guess we’ll just have to go with it:)

She’s been two since May 8th and it has taken me a lil’ over two months to post about it.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.  Can we say denial, perhaps?  Two is kind of a big deal.  Two means lots of talking, make-believe, attitude, fits in public, the possibility of pre school on the horizon.  Two means moving to big girl underwear  (some day, we’re not there yet), climbing the big kid play equipment (not because I want her to, but because she is one determined, dare-devil, who has zero fear), and drinking from a big girl cup.  Two means a huge vocabulary and playing copy cat to everything that mom and dad do.  As much as I dread Grace getting older (and torrential fits in public) two has actually been pretty fun.  Like every age/phase Grace goes through, I dread it because it means the phase she’s in is almost out the door, yet when it comes, I love it just as much, if not more, than the last one.

IMG_3267 2

(This is Grace pre-birthday party.  She napped while I hung Minnie Mouse decor up.  When she woke up and walked out into the kitchen, her eyes lit up, her mouth dropped, and she said “Woah! Mimi!” -That’s her version of Minnie.)

We celebrated Grace turning two with a  Minnie Mouse party (of course, right?).  This meant lots of pink and a Minnie Mouse cake made by me that looked absolutely terrible, but tasted delicious!  (I am hoping Grace will grow to appreciate her homemade, ugly, but made with lots of love, cakes as she grows older.  My mom always made me a cake.  As I grew older, it was per request. I loved her lopsided, dripping frosting mess of a cake that she made every year, and have missed them since she has passed.)

IMG_3263 2

IMG_3265 2

Grace hasn’t made any friends her own age yet at this stage in the game, so her party consisted of family and friends, all of which were much older than her, but she didn’t mind one bit.

We ate mini corn dogs in honor of the Micky Mouse hot dog song and dance, opened presents, played in the yard (the weather was beautiful!), and had our fill of chocolate cupcakes and oreos.  Grace had a blast giggling with her guests and playing with her gifts.  She has been blessed with lots of loving family members and friends.

Here are just a few photo high lights from her party:

IMG_3314 3

(Grace and Doc McStuffins)

IMG_3329 2

(Grace and her new sandbox)


IMG_3382 3

(Grace in her dress up clothes-there are days when she won’t even take this dress off!)

Now before my daughter manages to go and turn three on me,  I want to take a moment to jot down some of the quirks and things I love about Grace at two.

-She is completely unafraid.  She climbs the big kid slide like she’s been doing it for years, and whenever I take her to Settlers Park, she gives me a run for my money.  This quality of fearlessness is one that scares the dickens out of me, yet gives me a sense of pride.  She most definitely doesn’t get it from me.  As much as she sometimes scares me-I’d like her to keep her sense of fearless confidence.  As she grows older, I also just  hope she balances it out with common sense.

-She loves to dance.  Play her any song and she will get right to it, from the hot dog dance to moves she has seen on “So You Think You Can Dance”.  She’ll twist, fist pump, do jumping twirls, and even attempt a summersault here and there.

-She says I love you now, which manages to melt my hear every time I hear it.

-She also says “Put me down!”, “Let me out of here?” , “Let go of me!”, and “What the?”, which I find entertaining, but they do nothing in terms of melting my heart:)

-She is a spitfire!  My daughter has attitude coming out her ears, yet at the same time, she can flip the switch and be a total sweetheart.  Boys will have to watch out!  Grace will definitely tell you how it is!

-Fenix is still her best friend.  When he has friends over she follows them around-sometimes even sitting at the closed door to his room, waiting to be included.

-She LOVES animals to the extent that her love overwhelms her and she finds herself unconsciously suffocating them as she presses their poor little bodies to hers.

-She loves fruit and ketchup.  She could probably live on those two food groups alone (and yes, in her world, ketchup qualifies as a food group).

-She still reaches for my hair to fall asleep:)

-She gives the best hugs and kisses-although sometimes her kisses cross the threshold of awkward-i.e. super long kisses while she stares you right in the face.

-She blames everything on Dad, and if he’s not around, Fenix.  If she’s upset with how something has played out she’ll say, “Daddys…” and she’ll drop her voice half an octave on the last syllable and then draw it out while she runs to whomever will listen.

-She says please as “mease” and thank you as “koo”.  My niece Brooke is called “Bookie” and Lammy on Doc McStuffins is “Mammy”.  Fenix is still “Baba” and soccer is still “bacca”.  She has such a large vocabulary now that it’s hard to keep track.

-She is so smart.  She picks things up quickly-when she wants to:)

-She is independent and strong.  (She needs no help from me at the park or the pool.  I’m just the bodyguard, really.)

-She’s also a huge helper.  She loves to play “Clean up!”, and when I go grocery shopping, she follows me out to the car for every trip in with groceries and even carries a bag.

-She takes her shoes off nearly every time we get in the car.

-She love sunglasses and shoes-I think that was an obsession last summer too.  She seriously has four pairs of sunglasses (she lost her 5th pair at the store while throwing a fit).

-She knows time out.  She picked that up right away.  If you say time out, she goes to her chair and sits.  It’s pretty much the only direction we can give and know for sure that she’ll follow suit.  Weird, right?

-She still loves to be a dog.  Half the time I have a little girl, the other half a puppy.

-She loves to make friends and give hugs to perfect strangers-especially if those strangers are fellow toddlers.  Her feelings get hurt pretty easily if new friends aren’t as receptive.

-Every child is a baby to Grace, even those that are older. We’ll see another child in the store and Grace will say, “Oh, baby!”.

-Grace is a sympathy crier.  In Walmart if we here another child cry, she will say “Baby cryin’!” and then begin to cry herself.

-She is a drama queen and a copy cat.  If you cross your legs, she’ll cross her legs.  If you stub your toe, she’ll stub her toe.  She will relive the trauma of a scraped knee to you two weeks later.

-When I pick her up from her babysitters, she runs to me and says “Mama!” as she hugs me.

I could probably go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

Gracelyn, I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this or not.  Perhaps you’ll read it and be happy I kept track of your childhood, or maybe you’ll read this and be completely horrified at how geeky and completely embarrassing your mom is, either way,

I love you with every bit of my heart.  I am so blessed to have you.  I thank God every day for you.  You have been and will continue to be the greatest adventure.  I love you and I am so proud to say you’re my daughter.  Happy 2nd birthday, baby girl!  I am excited to see what this next year brings!


3 thoughts on “Gracelyn Is Two!

  1. Misty – I lover reading your family commentaries – definitely the middle school English teacher! And I am sure that Grace is taking after her father, or maybe her mother, or possibly even one of her grandparents or great grandparents……..Independent and spitfire apply to lots of people on this side of the family. Thanks for sharing. I will be in Kimball tomorrow through Saturday to see Merceda and Harley. Saturday morning I am having breakfast with Jay (and maybe 1 or 2 of his kids,,,,,,,if they aren’t working and can get up early on the weekend.) Then on to Rapid City……Take care, Becky

    • Thanks, Becky! Maybe next year we can try and plan so that we are all in Nebraska at the same time. It would be great to see you! We haven’t made a trip that way since Grace was born and we need to. This year we put all of our tax returns down on a new vehicle. (Ken was driving a two door and we decided it was time to get something bigger, so we bought a used SUV. It was time. Poor Ken had to lug Grace in and out of her car seat in a coupe for the last two years.) Next year our plan is to set aside tax return money for a trip to Nebraska/Colorado. This summer we are meeting Jay, Kyle, and Kori in Utah for some camping. I always enjoy seeing pictures from your traveling adventures on facebook. Have a fun and safe trip to Kimball!

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