Holiday Happenings

Well, the holidays came in just as quickly as they left, leaving us with a house full of toys, a camera full of pictures, and a the flu.  That’s right, the flu:)  In fact, the flu is why you will see no pictures of New Year’s Eve, you will hear of no celebration, no sparkling cider or wine, no recollection of watching the ball drop on T.V., because we spent our New Year’s Eve sick as dogs, Grace, Ken, and I crammed into our bed and in close proximity of the bathroom.  But, prior to acquiring the plague, our little family had a pretty swell holiday season.

Christmas snuck up on us this year.  In the past I’ve tried to be proactive about Christmas shopping, but this year I found myself scrambling to get things wrapped up at the last minute, but despite all the scrambling, Christmas went off without a hitch.

We started celebrating a few days earlier with our friends Amanda and Cecily by decorating our usual sugar cookies.  Amanda and Cecily live in Arizona now, so their time here was short, and Fenix, unfortunately, missed our cookie bake.

IMG_5736 2 IMG_5738 2

The girls had fun though, and this year Grace was actually able to decorate her own cookies, and she did not hold back.

IMG_5744 2

But really, are we surprised?

Christmas Eve day was spent baking dessert for Christmas dinner with my sister and niece.  I was terrible at breaking the camera out that afternoon, but despite our lack of pictures, we had  fun drinking wine and making a slew of goodies for Christmas day.  When Ken came home that evening we let Grace open up her Christmas pajamas (“jammies” to Grace) and one gift, which is always something my mother let me do when I was a child.

After that we cuddled up until Grace nodded off and then we wrapped up our last minute wrapping and snuck off to bed. Grace woke up at her usual seven a.m.  She’s been excited about Christmas all month because of how much they have talked about it at pre-school and and how much we’ve spoken about it at home, and although she loves opening presents and knows who Santa is, she doesn’t quite get the concept yet.  So, with Fenix not getting to our house until 10:15, we were able to relax in bed until she got restless, at which point we let her open up her stocking.

IMG_5795 2IMG_5800 2

I really thought we would have a hard time keeping her busy and out of the presents until her brother and cousins got there, but Santa brought her plenty in her stocking to keep her busy, and we were able to kill time watching The Little Mermaid and playing with play dough.

IMG_5812 2 IMG_5816 2Once all the kids arrived, it was game time.

IMG_5823 2IMG_5831 3 IMG_5843 2IMG_5834 2 IMG_5855 2There were lots of smiles and squeals.  We do a gift of love, want, need, and read, plus what Santa brings each year.  This year, we went a bit overboard though.  Next year I am vowing to be more disciplined and kinder to our bank account.  Santa brought Fenix a few of the lego sets he had wanted and Grace was given a Sophia the first bike, which she was super excited about.  I was probably equally excited to give it to her if you want to know the truth.  She practiced riding one around Walmart before Thanksgiving, and since then, Santa had his sights on it:)  I’m looking forward to some warmer weather, so that Grace can actually get outside and ride it.  In addition, and the area in which we went a wee bit overboard this year, we got the kids  a trampoline.  Fenix spends a lot of time on the trampoline at his friend Colton’s house, and it’s been nice to have him enjoy something that’s outdoors, so after much hemming and hawing, we jumped in. (Did you see the play on words, there? Pretty good, huh?).  It will fit perfectly in the back corner of our yard, which currently lies empty and full of tiny river rocks and weeds (it’s also the perfect place for a paranoid mom to spy from because it will sit right outside of our bedroom window.)

IMG_5851 2

Once gifts were exchanged and breakfast, along with copious amounts of coffee, was consumed, we spent a few hours relaxing and letting the kids enjoy their new treasures

IMG_5879 2before we headed over to my Aunt and Uncle’s to spend  a bit more time with these folks

IMG_5821 2and the rest of our family.  We ate a delicious meal and then sat and played games for a few hours before retiring to our own homes and beds for the evening.

All in all, it was a great Christmas and  a really relaxing winter break-well, aside from that whole puking, body aches, flu thing, but you know, what can you do?  We spent a lot of time playing with Grace’s new set of Little People Princesses, watched our fair share of movies, and really just took advantage of having some much needed family time.  IMG_5918 2IMG_5905 2IMG_5897 2


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