Small Moments

I had full intentions of coming home tonight, eating dinner, and then curling up with Grace to watch Frozen. I wanted to get in as much time as I could with Grace before I live at the school for the next two days during parent teacher conferences.

Then I got home and took a look at the long list of things I want to do/clean before my sister in law comes on Friday and realized I better get a head start.

So needless to say, Frozen did not happen, and instead we are settling with a quick episode of Ninja Turtles before sending Grace off to bed.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, other than I had planned to blog/jot down a few Grace moments while we lounged and cuddled. I keep telling myself that I want to be better at writing down the small stuff before it slips away, but usually the small moments I’m so in love aren’t done justice through words, and so I end up not writing them down and just hoping they stay etched into my memory.

However, I’m forgetful.

This is a fact my students can attest to.

So even though these moments may be small and will probably be done a disservice when put into words, I’m going to write them down anyway.

*Yesterday, Grace started to do this seriously bizarre thing where she would say, “Oh, yeah!” and sway her hips back and forth while pushing her little belly out. She was quite amused with herself, and I was too. I tried to do the move myself, and was told my belly was too big:(. I suppose that will possibly give me some motivation to eat a little better and exercise a bit more. We’ll see.

*Some friends of ours had a baby recently. We went to their church for the baby’s blessing, and when we pulled up Grace let out a gasp and said, “It’s my new castle!” Since then, she has told me numerous times that baby JaiseAnn (that’s our friends’ new daughter), is in her castle.

*When I pick Grace up from daycare, more times than not, she runs to me yelling “Mommy!” and gives me a giant hug. I hate leaving her each day, but that moment when I pick her up is priceless. There was one day recently where I could hear here shouting before I made it to the front door. She was saying, “Mommy! Mommy! That’s my mommy!”

*Her newest catch phrases are “Gracie can!”, “I like it!”, and “Like a boss!”.

*The other day I had a massive migraine, as in sick to my stomach, unable to see straight, need to lay down in a dark, quiet room, sort of migraine. Ken worked until 7:30 and I was just trying to survive until he got home before I took migraine meds and crawled into bed. At one point I let our dog outside. I could have swore I let her back in, but an hour after I let her out, I heard her barking and the bark didn’t sound like it was in the house. It took me about ten minutes, but I finally got myself off the couch and wobbled to the back door to let her in. She was nowhere to be found. I stumbled outside and searched the back yard. No dog. I ran out front thinking maybe she slipped under a loose board, no dog. Finally I ran back into the house in a panic and called to Grace to get her shoes and jacket, so we could go find Ginger. I explained that she was lost. Grace got a super guilty look on her face and said, “I’m sorry, mommy!” Then she walked very slowly to her bedroom door and opened it to reveal Ginger. Apparently she had locked her in her room, which is why her bark sounded so far away. After freeing Ginger she sat down on the couch, slumped her shoulders, pushed out her lower lip, and continued to tell me how sorry she was. I was just relieved to find that I hadn’t lost our dog and impressed at how well Grace apologized.

*Grace has been talking a lot about her grandma lately. She can find my mother in a photo. She tells me often that grandma is not here. She once told me grandma looks like mommy. The other day, she was playing with my mom’s old cell phone that I still had in a drawer, and she was talking to grandma. I hadn’t told her it was my mother’s phone, yet oddly enough, there she was on it, pretending to talk to her grandma. At one point she even handed the phone to me and said, “You talk to grandma, mom.”

These are just a few of those small moments that are passing by far too quickly, and that I’d like to hold on to in some form or another.


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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