In Summer

in summer

Summer break is finally here!  You’ll have to excuse my Frozen  reference above.  Our family has managed to jump on the Frozen  bus. Complete with days in which Grace asks me to play Elsa so she can play Anna:)

I have been waiting, in fact, I have been counting down the days until summer. Perhaps I can write more posts this summer than I managed to all year!  Because I have the sneaking suspicion that this next school year is going to be painfully busy. So, I’m going to take advantage of having the summer off with the kids, and perhaps a bit more time to write and record our Dietz family happenings.

Despite having the last week off it has not actually felt that way. I had a busy week, attending meetings on Wednesday at the school, suffering through a migraine all day on Thursday (which kept me from more meetings at the school) and spending my Friday going to the doctor’s and running errands.  Even though this last week was busy, we managed to kick of our summer in Dietz style last weekend, with a day trip to Boise where we spent the majority of  the day strolling the green belt with Grace in tow.

We parked the car at Kathryn Albertson Park and meandered through the park, taking advantage of some of the deer trails and the easy access to the geese-which Grace called “ducklings” and loved to harass.  Of course, she didn’t look at it that way.   We have been fortunate enough to catch glimpses of deer on a few of our trips to this particular park, but this time we had no such luck; although, Grace was so enamored with her “ducklings” that I’m not sure a deer would have even phased her.

After spending an hour and a half with the ducklings and a few failed attempts at taking a mommy and Grace selfie

IMG_6836 2

we made our way over to the playground at Julie Davis and eventually down the path to The Ram for dinner.  Grace managed to sleep through most of dinner because she was so exhausted from playing and exploring, but we enjoyed our time on the patio.  Eventually we made our way back down the path and to our car at Kathryn Albertson’s, clocking about four miles of walking, which sadly didn’t even come close to making up for the amount of calories we consumed at dinner, but maybe it compensated for the gigantic strawberry lemonade Grace and I shared-I guess that counts for something, right?

It was a perfect jump start to our summer.  Family, food, sunshine…ducklings:)  I’m hoping to spend quite a few more summer weekends like this one.

IMG_6781 2




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