A Few Random Thoughts

*My blog is going through somewhat of an identity crisis. I decided not to renew thisgracedlife.com because the $26 didn’t seem worth it when I only seem to blog once in a while…darn my busy life (and these migraines which pretty much make me useless). So currently my bog title says This Graced Life while the URL reads moderndaymatriarch.com. I think I’ll change the URL sooner or later; it may result in all my followers (all two of you) to disappear though:) I’ll give you a heads up before I make the switch and if you have any ideas for blog titles, throw them my way. I am indecisive, which I have proven in how many times I’ve changed the title of this blog. Sorry… So far I’ve been thinking “In Photos and Fragments” (I like alliteration, can you tell?) and I figure that may fit because my blog is primarily a place for me to share photos and bits and pieces of my family’s life (fragments if you will.) I’ve also thought of “Party of 5”, I won’t explain why, I’ll just leave that to your imagination for a bit. That may be taken, so I may need to do some variation of it like “Our Party of Five” or “Dietz-Party of Five”.

*Grace starts swimming lessons on Monday and I am SO excited! Seriously! Ridiculously excited.

*We just got back from a trip to visit Ken’s family in Nebraska and Colorado yesterday. I plan to post about it sometime…before Christmas:) We had a lot of fun, and it was great to see everyone. We were gone for a week and spent the last few nights in a hotel between staying in Colorado and then staying in Wyoming one night on the drive home. As fun as staying in a hotel is, I nearly cried when we drove up to our house. I missed my bed, and my kitchen with food I can make so I can eat at home and not out. I missed my backyard and my washer and dryer. I missed my shower and
bathroom with all my toiletries there in the drawer. I missed Grace napping in her bed and cuddling up with my husband in our bed. I am SUCH a home body. Our house may not be big. Sometimes it feels like it’s bursting at the seams, in fact, but it’s our home, and my gosh, do I love it!

*I have about a gazillion half finished posts hanging out in my drafts box. I seem to lose steam about halfway through. For example, Grace’s birthday post is just chilln’, waiting to be finished. Same with a family post. I haven’t done one of those since January.

*Sometimes my daughter is difficult. She feels everything to the extreme: sadness, frustration, excitement. She is stubborn as all hell,especially when it comes to potty training, but I would not trade her for anything/one in the world. I love each side of her personality, even the more difficult traits. I really could not imagine my world without her in it, and I’m so very grateful for my bug bug.

*I’m in a reading funk. I don’t read like I used to at all, and that makes me sad. I have a picked up numerous books in the last few months and not finished them. For example “We Were the Mulvaneys” is sitting halfway finished in my room. I know I’ll finish it because it good, it’s just not one of those that you can’t put down. I am nearly finished with “Home Front” by Kristen Hannah. It’s lighter reading, which is maybe what I’m needing right now. I just want to be swept up in a book again, to the point where I can’t put it down and I have to finish it right away.

*Anywho, those are my random, sorted thoughts for the day:) I’m going to relax now while my husband makes dinner. I’m kind of spoiled like that:). And maybe, just maybe I’ll hop on here this week and publish one of those many posts that are just sitting in my drafts box.

Happy Saturday!


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