Dietz Party of Five-Coming in December!

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Yup, that’s right, this family of four is becoming a party of five, and we couldn’t be more excited!  We have known for a VERY long time, since four weeks, and have just kept pushing back when we were going to announce it to the social media world.  We wanted to wait until we made it to at least 12 weeks, and we wanted to make sure we told family and friends first.  Once we made it through both of those, we decided to wait and see if we could find out the gender early, at my 16 week ultrasound.  Our big 20 week ultrasound happens at the end of this month, but they did a quick ultrasound to see how my cervix was doing last week.  (I had some issues with Grace at 20 weeks and my cervix measured short from that point forward, resulting in double the doctor appointments and a nice progesterone shot in my hip once a week.)  My cervix was great at this last appointment…well, you know what I mean.  It measured in the normal range and I was ecstatic, until they told me we were still going to go through with the shots.  Boo!  Better safe than sorry though.  My actual doctor has not been in the office since I became pregnant, but she should be back this week.  In the interim we have kind of been in limbo, just seeing my nurse (who I love) and then another doctor in the practice this last week.  Anywho…we DID find out the gender.  Our newest addition was not shy, and it looks like we will be welcoming a baby boy sometime around December 9th.

(I’ve already bought two tiny little sleepers-you know the ones that look kind of like a dress, a hoodie outfit that I think he will come home in, and a baby brother outfit. )

We all knew it was going to be a boy.:Ken, Fenix, my brother-in-law (who is apparently always right about these things), me.  Even Sharlee kept referring to it as a boy.  When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately thought it was a girl…and then I hit six weeks and morning sickness (and by morning sickness I mean ALL DAY sickness) set in, as well as the migraines (both of which I had NONE of with Grace), and I knew.  This pregnancy has just felt different.  I’ll be honest, I was kind of sad. I wasn’t sad that we were having a boy, and I know that the minute I see him and hear him and hold him that I will be hooked for life.  I was sad that Grace wasn’t getting a sister.  I was sad that I wouldn’t be the mom of two girls like my mom, and I was SCARED.  I know girls.  I am a girl.  I’m raising a girl.  I get irrational temper tantrums and mood swings. I can do hair and watch princess movies.  I get girls.  Boys…oh boy, I’m just not so sure:)  But now that it’s settled in, and we’ve been able to tell people, I’m getting really excited…there are still some nerves, but I’m excited.  Now, if only we could figure out a name, because we have no idea.  Seriously, no inkling whatsoever.

Here are the ones I like:






Here are some maybes:




Ken hasn’t agreed to any of these, but it’s fun to throw them around. (Oddly enough Ken suggested Lennon, and now I’m the one who is on the fence about it.) I want something unique but not too out there.  Luckily, we have about 23 weeks to come to a conclusion (which in truth is NOT that long the more I think about it.)


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