Summer Bucket List

I know that we are halfway through the summer at this point, or at least I am, but with time creeping by at a pace way too fast for me, I thought I’d jot down a few things I NEED to accomplish once school starts…or at least by Labor Day weekend.

So here it goes:

1) Take the kids to Babby Farms.  I’ve never been, but Grace went with her daycare and had a blast.  It’s a bit more interactive than the Boise Zoo and you get in for just five dollars on Thursdays, so I’m hoping that’s how we’ll be spending our morning this coming Thursday.

2) Camp.  It’s already July and we have yet to camp, so I’d like to go twice before the end of the summer.  I may change my mind after sleeping in a tent in the heat while pregnant, but for now, twice is the goal:)

3) Spend an afternoon at the MK nature center with the girl.

4) Spend a day playing at Settlers.  I really do love Settlers, it just gets SO hot and there is very little shade, not to mention, it’s huge and Grace goes a bit crazy running from playground equipment to playground equipment, so we haven’t gone yet this summer.

5) Read more.  This is always a goal.  I just don’t read like I used to and that makes me sad.  I just finished The Yonahlassee Riding Camp for Girls yesterday, but other than that, I’ve read three books this summer.  I’d like to fit in a few more and possibly a couple YA books.  I used to love sharing what I read with my students and I don’t do that as much anymore, probably because it’s expensive to purchase books for your class library (especially when half  the time those books mysteriously disappear).

6)  Go on another day trip/hike.  We went up to Idaho City and did a short two and a half mile hike with the kids this last weekend, followed by some ice cream, and I’d like to do something similar one more time.

7) Go swimming at Eagle Island or Lucky Peak with Grace.  This could be a family thing, but it could also be a mom and Grace date day, and I’d be fine with that.

8) Put the last three years worth of pictures into an album.  I really NEED to do this.  I also need to back up the last year’s worth of pictures on our external drive.  I would be devastated if we lost those.  I started putting photos in an album the summer Grace was born, but only got through three months.  If I can get the last three years in albums this summer, than I can work on all the years before that a little at a time.  (Speaking of which, Ken got a card today for hitting the ten-year mark at his work. Ten years!  That’s a long time.  That means that as of this October, I will have known Ken/had him in my life in some major way for the last third of my life-we met about six months after he started working at Albertsons. Wow!)

9) Finish the bathroom.  We painted the walls and I refinished the cabinets and counter top, but we need to update the light fixture (the new one is sitting in our garage) and the faucet-which we have a gift card for, so we just need to do it.  I know I won’t be able to touch up the parts of the cabinet that need it because I can’t use gel stain while pregnant, but I’d like to get what I can done now  and then we can worry about the rest once the baby is here.

10) I’d like to start prepping Grace’s room for her baby brother.  I want to do something simple on his side of the room.  I don’t know that we need the crib up by August, but I’d like to at least clean out Grace’s closet and move the shelf that’s currently against her wall, into her closet.  It’s one of those with the nine squares that you can put fabric drawers in.  I painted a cherry blossom tree in Grace’s room when she was born.  I’ve thought about doing that on the other side for the baby, but in different colors, although I’m really thinking of holding back.  Simple is good.  I’d like to just keep it clean and easy.  Once the baby is Grace’s age we will most likely place a bunk bed in their room anyway, and so painting a more masculine tree on the other side seems like a waste of energy if we’re only going to end up moving their beds around and most likely repainting the room anyway.

11) Finish potty training my stubborn three-year old, who by the way, is s-l-o-w-l-y coming around.  Something just clicked this past weekend (perhaps it’s because I started to reward her with a marshmallow just for trying to go potty/I’m finally keen to her potty clock)  and since Thursday Grace has filled up her potty chart completely.  She had seven of the twenty stickers on her chart when we started on Thursday, and by Monday morning she had filled in the remaining 13!  Now we are on potty chart number two and Grace has four stickers.  We’ve been averaging about three successes on the potty a day, and I’ll take it.  She still has accidents in her pull up and she still wets when she naps or sleeps at night, but we are slowly getting there.  I think we will be wearing a diaper to bed for a while, but if we can just get to the point where she uses the potty during waking hours by the time we both return to school, that would be fantastic!

12) And last, but not least, I would like all of quarter one planned out for both Language Arts and Reading.  I don’t need all of my copies made, but I want all of my unit plans ready to go and my calendar all planned out.  I know, tentatively, how I want the year to go, but we are also being asked to implement the curriculum from Engage NY, I’m just not sure to what extent or if the district is willing to pay for the class sets of novels that would be needed.  I really should be planning for a sub already, but that completely overwhelms me, so if I can get quarter one squared away, I can set aside time each day after school to sorting out three months worth of sub plans (which I’m dreading).

That’s it ! Not too bad, as long as I don’t cram it all in at the end:)  Not that I would do that…especially the lesson planning part:)


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