A Few Things I Took For Granted Before I Became Pregnant

In no particular order.

-Wearing a swimsuit.  I thought I would never say that, ever!  Swimsuit season and I are not friends.  I have always, always, had a hard time finding a swimsuit with enough support, if you know what I mean.  In fact, the last summer that I can remember this not being an issue, I was 11.  Now that I’m pregnant, there is no way the ladies upstairs can be reined in by a swimsuit top.  No way. Nadda. Not. At. All.  I spent the entire month of June trying to find a suit that would provide support upstairs, yet fit me everywhere else.  My conclusion?  A suit like that just doesn’t exist.  Seriously, what do other women do?  And, by other women, I mean other women in the D club and above.  Impossible!  Don’t even get me started on maternity swimsuits! I’ve given up and given into shorts and a tank top and wading not swimming.

-Lunch meat.  I know, weird, right?  I don’t even eat lunch meat on a regular basis, but I miss the convenience of it.  Going camping?  Make a sandwich for lunch. Road trip? Sandwich.  Need to stop for fast food that’s not greasy?  Sandwich…just not when you’re pregnant-unless you’re craving peanut butter and jelly.

-Copious amounts of caffeinated coffee.  With Grace, giving up coffee and caffeine was easy peasy.  This time around?  Hell.  Seriously.  I didn’t realize how disgustingly dependent I have become on coffee in the past few years.  Coffee in the morning.  Coffee to sip on during 1st and 2nd period.  Coffee and a good book on the weekend.  Now I have to limit myself to one cup of half caff a day; one cup decaf if I go to a Starbucks or another chain.

-Wine.  Again, giving up wine while pregnant with Grace, and for the year that I nursed her afterwards was not an issue at all.  This time around?  Let’s say a glass of wine on my patio sounds really good right now.  I had not realized how much wine has become a staple in Ken and I’s romantic life.  Dates nights have usually been accompanied by a nice glass of wine with dinner, and Ken and I have really come to enjoy picking out a new bottle of wine to share for a date night at home.  I’ll live though.  I have the rest of my life to enjoy a nice Riesling, and this will most likely be the last baby I carry, so it’ s worth it.  I think a big part of it is that it’s summer, and wine and summer just go well together!

-Sleeping on my back, or my hips for that matter.  Two hours tops, and I have to switch sides.  While camping, I had to switch sides every thirty minutes and that is no exaggeration.

-Rolling over.  20 weeks and  I’m already asking Ken for help to roll over.  When we camped it was ridiculous.  I’d find myself  on my back in the middle of the night, and because you’re not supposed to sleep on your back, I’d wiggle from side to side attempting to roll over.  Eventually I had to wake my poor husband up to help me.  It was not pretty.  Luckily, he was too sleepy to remember how ridiculous I looked.

-My waistline. Normally I hate my waistline, but as I watch it expand and I think ahead to those first few months after coming home from the hospital…and by months, realistically, I mean that first year, I miss the waistline that I used to find sub par.

-Ibuprofen and Excedrin.  I know you can take Tylenol while pregnant, but with migraines, there is absolutely no point.

Of course, in the big picture, all of these are just mild and temporary inconveniences (well, maybe not the waistline one, but I’m really hoping), and well worth the little soul we’ll have the privilege of meeting in four and a half months or so, give or take. 20 More weeks to go!


3 thoughts on “A Few Things I Took For Granted Before I Became Pregnant

  1. You are stronger than I was!!! With each pregnancy I got worse and worse about giving up my caffeine. 😉 Natalia I was a perfect angel and didn’t drink it at all the 1st trim, and then only one every other day or so the rest of the time. Lydia it was slightly worse. Quinton, ha yeah right. There was no way in heck I was giving it up, I was EXHAUSTED. ha ha ha. Not that I drank too much, I still managed to stay under the suggested amount and drink lots of water, but man I still drank full caffeinated drinks at Starbucks. Same with lunch meat. Natalia I was soo soo good. Lydia, I was so sick and it was the only thing that sounded good. Subway and I were best friends. Ha ha ha. And again with Q I just threw in the towel.
    As far as swimwear goes. Let me know if and when you find anything. I too find it’s impossible to find something modest yet supportive. Maternity suits are such a joke because they never fit over my belly ever. I had a really cute one post Lydia from Target that was a long tankini type that went down low enough to hide my stretch marks on my thighs, but I had to hand sew in a wired matching swim top to give it some support ha ha ha. Now it’s sooo faded and stretched out from too many times in the chlorine pool for mommy and me swim. I just ordered a new one from Target that should be here Sat? I’m hopeful because if it’s not supportive enough it’s a style that I can hand stitch in something again. In the mean time I’ve been wearing one of my old two piece (yuk) with a tank top and board shorts to cover up.

    It’ll be over before you know it!! I still feel like I was just pregnant yesterday and just had Quinton and he’s already almost 5 months old. =(

  2. I’m a bit worse with caffeine than I let on in this post. I have seriously drank more soda in this pregnancy than I have in the last year. I keep telling myself I need to rein it in, but so far that has not happened:) I figure if I keep it under or at the recommended amount it will be fine. It’s funny how things change so much from your first to your second and so forth. I have been much more lax this pregnancy that I was with Grace.

    I’m so happy I’m not the only one with swimsuit issues. That makes me feel much better! Not that I wish it on anyone else, I’m just happy it’s not just me. I need to learn how to sew. I had a machine and desk of my grandmother’s that I finally just gave to my aunt because I didn’t think I’d ever have the time/motivation to learn to learn.

    I know, this pregnancy will be over soon! It goes by fast! As much as I complain, I think I’ll be a little sad when it’s over. I’m fairly certain this will be our last, so I’m trying to savor it:)

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