Friday Free Write

Happy Friday!  I hope you’re enjoying yours as much as I’m enjoying mine!  This Friday is kind of bittersweet.  School starts in a week and a few days.  I’ve spent three days in my classroom this last week and will probably put in two more this next week.  August always marks the end of summer break for me. I still have a week left, but it will be a week preoccupied with lesson plans and planning.  Boo!  Summer went by far too quickly for my liking!  Luckily, Grace and I (and soon, the little man) will still have our Fridays together.  Thank God for four-day school weeks!  THAT will be difficult to give up if ever I move to a district a bit closer to home (oh yeah, and one that pays better, which really doesn’t take much).


Here are a  few  random tid bits I’ve been thinking about this week.

*Have you seen this video?  If not, you should.  I saw it first on my CNN app and then again on MommyShorts. It had me laughing and then bawling!  Too cute!  Way, way, way too cute!  Although I don’t know that I want Grace to be this emotionally on edge when her brother comes, I do hope she cares for him just as much as this little sister does.

*Speaking of videos, after you watch the one above, you should check this one out too.  My daughter is such a little performer.  “Come on! Stomp with me!”  I love her!  I watch this at least three times daily!

*Grace and I are both still in our pajamas at four!  I know! I’m terrible, right? But we are.  In fact,  as soon as I finish this post, I am hopping in the shower.  Grace is napping.  I put her down at two and I have a feeling she will sleep until five.  My daughter takes LONG naps as a toddler.  Perhaps because it’s summer and she goes to bed later than normal.  We’ve been known to make trips to the park at 8:30 once it’s cool out.  We really don’t do this often, but I’m feeling lazy today, and Grace is ditching the pull ups today.  I figured I’d be cleaning up pee all morning and afternoon, and that there was no reason to dress up. So far though, Grace has done well.  No accidents.  Two trips to the potty.  She will potty in her sleep, but I did throw a diaper on her for napping purposes.  I expect an accident this afternoon.  We have done really well with pull ups, we just can’t seem to reach a point where we are completely accident free during the day, and Grace has yet to start telling me she needs to go on her own.  She just goes when I ask her to, which is good considering where we were six weeks ago.  I worry about her going back to pre-school/daycare and losing all the progress we have made, so I’m hoping our pull up free weekend points us in the right direction.  We will see.

*I am currently fantasizing about owning one of these:

It’s big, but not too big,  fits two car seats easily, and isn’t nearly as expensive as other SUVs with a third row seat.  I’m fairly certain when the time comes for us to get a bigger vehicle to for our little party of five, this will be on the list.  It might be a while though (a long while).  I won’t even share with you the amount the financial person quoted me for the amount this little baby is going to cost after insurance. It’s criminal!  Seriously! Much, much more than Grace.

Well, that’s it!  That’s all I’ve got!  I hope your Friday is spectacular and that you do something fun and exciting!  I think we are staying local this weekend, perhaps a trip to the park or two, or an evening running through the sprinkler.  Either way, it will definitely be a low-key, relaxed weekend for this family  (well, unless I’m cleaning up pee, but you know, what can you do.)






I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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