July Can Be Summed Up In Two Words…

Potty Training.

Really, after everything we did this month you can just add the words “while potty training” and you’ll get a pretty clear picture of what our July has looked like.

We have spent the last month in pull-ups and finally made the move to cute princess underwear this week, and it’s going O.K.  (You can skip this paragraph if you don’t have children and/or have no interest in learning about Grace’s potty training trials and triumphs.  It’s O.K.  I won’t blame you.)   Grace is actually doing well.  She is headstrong and likes to feel like she’s in control.  Bribes and sticker charts were helpful, but not enough to get us to the point where she was completely potty trained.  We’re still not there yet, but we are SO much closer!  We have had a whole day without accidents and a few times in the last two days Grace has taken it upon herself to go potty all by herself without a reminder from me.  She’s called me in after to tell me how proud of herself she was and to get help with washing her hands.  We’re getting there, bit by bit.  Hopefully we’ll be there completely sooner rather than later.

Anywho, I start school on Monday, so it’s best that I get a move on on this blog post.  If history repeats itself, it may be a very long time until I write a new one:(

I always kind of drag my feet when it comes time to get the photos off my camera.  It just seems like such an effort, and there are so many, and I should really be printing them immediately and making sure they’re backed up. So, it always feels like such a big task (and I don’t even print them or back them up when I should, yet somehow it still seems like a task).  However, I’m always happy once I do, and a little overwhelmed with just how lucky I am to have this little family that I do.  I’m grateful for every shot, for each moment,  for the two children Ken and I get to raise (soon, a third), for our marriage, our little house, the animals, that drive me absolutely crazy, and the great memories we always seem to make.  THAT is the reason, I write these posts (even though sometimes it takes me f-o-r-e-v-e-r!) I like coming back to them later.  I like reliving the memories for a moment, big and small.

That being said, let’s begin!

July was a good month.  I took advantage of my time off with the kids and we did a lot of fun things just the three of us while Ken was at work.

We took a trip to Babby Farms in Caldwell one week, where the kids got to feed and pet the animals, while I just about died of heat stroke. (Just kidding…O.K. Maybe I’m only kidding a little!  I way overestimated my ability to handle 95 degree heat while pregnant and in direct sunlight.   Lesson learned.  Next time we’ll be going in the early morning before it gets too hot.)  While I tried not to die on a bench, the kids got to pet horses, cows, camels, and zebras, as well as feed deer, goats, and pigs.  Fenix’s favorite animal was the zebra/donkey mix that they had.  My favorite moment was when Grace mauled the camel with a giant hug around the neck, especially given the “Animals May Bite” sign right next to him.  Grace, of course, was partial to the cows, silly girl.

We took another mid week adventure to the MK Nature center.  We played around in the center itself, walked the paths, and then spent some time eating and playing in the park (and we did it all before 12:30, because I learned my lesson.)

We also did the movie thing and took advantage of the Wednesday dollar movie (and the air conditioning!).  They were showing Kung Fu Panda Two, and even though we could have rented it, it was fun to sit in the theater with some popcorn.  Grace is still not big enough to really weight down her chair, so we spent a lot of time helping her balance her little bum so the chair didn’t fold up on her.

photo (9)

In addition to our weekly field trips we also took a camping trip to McCall. See, I told you we’d fit in a camping trip!  I believe my goal was to go camping  twice this summer.  However, I’m thinking once may be enough.  If we go again it may just be an overnight trip. I don’t know if I can do two…unless we buy an air mattress.  Not that I didn’t have fun or that I don’t love to camp, I just had a terrible time sleeping on the ground with my pregnant back and hips.  I’m talking up-all-night, switching from one hip to the other every 30 minutes.  Other than the lack of sleep, we had a lot of fun!  We went to the first come first serve campsites in Ponderosa Park.  We spent the first night setting up camp, swimming and playing on the beach behind the campsites, and going into town to get some grub.

We spent the next day hiking around the campground and then spent most of the day beating the heat at the beach.  Once we made it back to our campsite it was cool and shady enough to make dinner, enjoy some s’mores, and play game after game of Phase 10.  In fact, we finished in our tent by the light of a flashlight.  We ended up getting up early the next morning and heading home so that we could enjoy the rest of the day at home (after we took long, hot showers).  Grace LOVED the beach.  In fact she kept asking to go the whole trip.  Even now, weeks later, she tells me she wants to go to the beach.


I took this photo as we were packing up.  Grace is clearly tired.  She had a fun and busy few days.




In addition to camping, we took a day trip up to Idaho City over the 4th of July weekend.  We debated going out of town for the long weekend because Ken had four days off, but instead settled on a day trip on the 3rd and stayed home for the 4th.  Idaho City has quite  a few hiking trails in and around it, so after we got into town and stopped at the visitor center, we chose a 3 mile trail that was close by to hike.  The kids did great.  It was a pretty easy hiking trail, there just wasn’t much shade at all on the back end, so by the end, Grace was pretty whiny, but she made it!  She really got a kick out of holding the map and stopping at all the places meant for stretching and exercising.

Once the evening of the fourth rolled around, we walked our way to down town Meridian to play in some of the bounce houses and watch the fireworks. We’ve been able to set up camp on the grass by the local  pool for the last two years , which is right by the Speedway where they let the fireworks off at, so it’s a perfect place.  The fireworks go off right over head. When we were done, we walked home and enjoyed a few of the fireworks that we bought last year and didn’t set off.  Then, we crawled into bed because we were exhausted:)

(This is such a terrible picture of Ken and I, but we have so few, that I thought, what the heck,  I might as well post it!)

We spent a lot of time at home and the park during the month of July as well.  It has been HOT, so most of our park trips have either been taken early in the morning

photo (10)

(Donuts at the park, not much gets better than that!)

or late in the evening.

Our friends Amanda and Cecily also came to visit from Arizona.  We haven’t seen them in a while and we miss them something terrible!  Amanda and I spent a night watching So You Think You Can Dance while the kids enjoyed  a movie, and another night at the park followed by sitting around the fire pit and making s’mores.

And lastly, I managed to up date this blog  five times this month, which must be a record!  If interested, you can catch those posts here, here, here, here, and here.  Most are pregnancy related with one about my mom.

That pretty much sums up our July. Grace has kept me constantly entertained with her make believe scenarios and witty three year old quips.  I’m sad summer is ending.  I’ll miss getting the time with her that I’ve had, and it will be a tough adjustment, but she’ll be excited to be back at preschool with all of her little friends, and soon, I’ll get another three months off with her (and her brother) once he decides to make his appearance.


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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