28 Weeks…

Just kidding!  I actually hit 29 weeks on Tuesday, but who’s counting anyway?  O.K. so maybe I am.  Less than 11 weeks and we may very well be up to our eye  balls in diapers and late night feedings.  I am SO excited to meet our little stowaway, but maybe not the late night feedings/diaper thing. Time is moving by at lightning speed and we have next to nothing prepared.  We have most of the big stuff from when we had Grace.  We bought and registered gender neutral on nearly everything, which is good because we’ll use it again with the little man to be.  We do, however, need to wash the car seat and swing cover, order the part we are missing on the car seat (somehow I’ve lost the plastic piece that holds the sun visor up), order a crib (Grace’s was a drop down and those have been recalled), get together with insurance on a breast pump…I just switched insurance plans too, so that should be fun, build the crib, organize Grace’s room so that it can be shared by the both of them, decide on a name, possibly paint the kids’ room, find a sub (my district has ZERO certified subs.  There is one person that may  be certified; however, her certification might be expired, so I need to call and check on that), plan sub plans for the nearly three months of school I will be gone…and the list goes on and on.  I have a lot to do, and I need to do it sooner rather than later.  I have a feeling December will be here before I know it.

28 weeks blog edit-7550


I’m not particularly good at documenting my bump.  I really debated changing into something a bit more fashionable, and then I decided to just be honest.  Sweats/yoga pants and a tank top with a hoodie is pretty much my signature pregnancy look, especially on the weekends when I get around to taking these photos.  (I bribed the kids with a mini Kit Kat to take a photo with me.  Fenix actually didn’t take any bribing, and Grace may not have needed it, but I rewarded them anyway-note that Gracelyn is also in her own version of yoga pants.  We’re really into comfort around here.)



I went to the doctor this last Friday and things are going smoothly!  The baby is doing great and moving like crazy.  I had my glucose screening, which came back just fine.  I do, however, need to take iron, because I’m a bit short on that.  I had already predicted that because I had to take extra iron with Grace.  That, and for the last week, I have been DEAD tired.  My third period prep would roll around, and I would quite literally feel like I could fall asleep on my feet.  Taking a nap on my prep never looked so appealing.  I’ve literally had to drag myself through the last week.  I just started taking the extra iron today, so I’m hoping to get some energy back. I took Grace with me on Friday.  I was a little nervous because with the glucose screening we had to be there for a little over an hour.  I wasn’t sure how she would hold up for that long, but she ended up doing awesome.  She got to hear her baby brother’s heartbeat, and we were able to spend ample time looking at the fish tank in the office while we waited for the glucose to do it’s thing before I had blood drawn.  Afterwards the two of us went out to eat at The Capri.  We shared a meal and a milk shake.  Grace insisted that we each drink the milk shake at the same time because it had two straws:)

Here’s a few other details about how things are going:

Weeks? I’m 28 and a few days in the picture above, but we just hit the 29 week mark yesterday, so we are in the third trimester now.

Cravings?  Nothing interesting.  In fact, I can’t think of a single one at this point. Peanut butter twix bars always taste nice though.  But I’m not so sure that’s a pregnancy craving.

Weight Gain?  I obsessively counted calories for all of the first trimester and a big chunk of the second.  It did not help.  I put on much more in the first trimester than I had hoped.  I did well during the second trimester though, and I was happy with my weight gain at my appointment on Friday.  I stopped logging calories over three weeks ago, and that actually seems to be  working better than my obsessing.  However, I have ate poorly since Friday.  Really poorly.  We celebrated family birthdays and I bought McDonald’s on the way home tonight because I had a headache. That’s just the tip of the iceberg too. I need to be better, and I’m avoiding the scale until I do.  I’m O.K. gaining an average of a pound a week until the boy gets here, but anymore than that and we may have some issues…like me crying, a lot.  Weight gain is my least favorite part of pregnancy.

Symptoms?  Sheer exhaustion! But, like I said, hopefully the extra iron will take care of some of that. My back aches!  I’ve begun fantasizing about what it will be like to have full use of it some day.  Headaches have made a come back.  Today was particularly bad.  I woke up at four this morning and made myself breakfast so I could take the prescription I have.  It did not help, and by the time I left school I thought for sure I’d be sick to my stomach.  Eating helped…even if it was McDonald’s and not in the least bit healthy.  I think the protein/carb/caffeine combination helped, plus the long bath I took afterwards.  My headache is still there, but it’s faint, and I’m pretty confident it will be gone in the morning.  The fact that I can type this shows you that it is much, much better than from what it was this afternoon.  I’m hoping I don’t start having them on a regular basis again.

Names?  We may be closer, but we’re not sure, and we’re not disclosing anything quite yet.

Extras? Grace still hasn’t felt her brother move:(  She isn’t patient enough.  I’m still waiting for that moment though.  He is such an active baby, and I love feeling him move. I know I will miss that in a weird way once he is actually here, so I’m trying to really enjoy it.  My students have been pretty good about my pregnancy.  Middle school students always make funny comments though.  I had a student a few weeks ago ask when I was due.  I told her December 9th.  Her response?  “Yuck!”  When I asked her what she meant, she asked if I was going to have to stay in the hospital over Christmas, because she thought that would really suck.  This made me laugh. I will not be in the hospital for three weeks. At least I’m not planning on it.  Yesterday one of my students was commenting on how weird it will be when I come back because my stomach will be flat again…I just looked at her and said, “Bless your heart!”  My belly will NOT be flat again…ever.  It really wasn’t flat to begin with, but I have a feeling I will come back still holding on to quite a bit of baby weight, and it will be that way for a while.

I think that hits all the key points of our pregnancy journey so far, and Grace keeps telling me I need to go “night, night”, so I suppose it’s time I wrap this up.

Less than 11 weeks!


4 thoughts on “28 Weeks…

      • I’m planning to take December 8th through March 12th. I’ll be gone the last two weeks of the 2nd quarter and then all of the third. I’m due the 9th though, and I’m almost wondering if I should take off a week earlier than my initial plans just in case he comes early. Grace was four days early which doesn’t mean much of anything. He is measuring a little ahead so he could come early or he could come late. Who knows! Darn babies! Doing everything on their time table! 🙂 I get 60 days of FMLA. Christmas break, as well as the four day work week, work to my advantage. I’m using all my sick days, but I’m taking a big chunk unpaid and we are just planning to eat a lot of Ramen:) We didn’t plan this as well as Grace. I’m nervous to take off that much time, but I also want a full three months before I go back.

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