A Quick Look at How We Spent August and September

August and September pretty much just sped right by without me even realizing it, or taking very may photos.  My August folder of photos has maybe eight pictures in it, which is kind of sad.

We’ve been keeping busy, though, with school and soccer and the normal day to day stuff.  I did a pretty good job of summing most of August up in my 24 week post here, but I thought I’d write a quick post just to jot down all the stuff I managed to leave out in August as well as September, such as


kids-Ken and I celebrated seven years on the 17th of August.  There have been some years when we have been able to go all out, and other years that have been a bit more low key.  With me being pregnant, this year was more on the low key side.  Grace hung out with my sister and niece for the evening so that Ken and I could go out to eat and go to the movies.  We decided to try a new place near our house called…I can’t remember. Like, I really can’t for the life of me remember.  It was good though.   They had deviled eggs on the menu as an appetizer, which was just weird enough to be intriguing, so I used my pregnancy cravings as an excuse to order them. We followed dinner up with going to The Giver, which was absolutely terrible.  Bad, bad, bad.  It was so bad that I was mortified for the person sitting a few seats down from us who was so moved she was bawling and gasping for breath.  I could not even look at her. It was too much.  Clearly, she did not read the book or understand just how much they ruined the story in the movie. Once the credits started rolling, Ken and I both hopped up immediately out of our seats and made a run for the door.  Despite the terrible movie, it was still a good night.  It’s pretty hard to believe that the Mr. and I have been married for seven years.  I met Ken when I was 20, and am now 30, which means I have spent a third of my life with him.  Kind of crazy.  It went by quickly, as does everything else it seems, and I couldn’t be more happy with our marriage and our little family.  I am very grateful for the life we have managed to build, and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for us in the future.

August also marked the end of summer and the beginning of school for the whole family, which I already blogged a wee bit about.  We spent the evening before school started making ice cream sundaes and enjoying our last night of summer break together.

Fenix is loving 7th grade, and he’s doing really well.  All A’s.  Occasionally he’ll have a grade drop into the B range, but he has been doing a great job of staying organized and on top of things.  We’re really proud of him and hope he keeps it up.

Grace has been really into building forts lately, and so the kids also built many a fort in August.  Here’s a glimpse of  one of their masterpieces below:

kids-7437 kids-7441

I have NO idea what Grace is doing in the bottom picture.  I have about six pictures of her doing that same thing, with no idea what her  goal was.  She’s a strange creative one.

We closed August off with the Boise Balloon Festival,


(you can see a bit more of that here if you’d like)

and we kicked off September with Ken’s 33rd birthday.

We took him out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings the weekend before and then made him goulash and cheese cake for his actual birthday.  kids-7515 kids-7524


My niece also turned 15 this month, so a few weeks after Ken’s birthday we had family over to celebrate both.

kids-7538 kids-7543 kids-7547


We have also spent a lot of time on the soccer fields this September.  Grace and Fenix’s games have overlapped so far.  As a result, I have yet to watch an entire game of Fenix’s  because I’ve been taking Grace to her soccer, while Ken coaches Fenix’s team.  This weekend we will both be able to make it to both kids’ games though, and so I should have some more pictures, but these will suffice for now.

kids-7527 kids-7534 kids-7536Grace loves soccer…until the actual game starts.  They practice for 20 minutes and then play a 20 minute game.  The first day of soccer, she was in love!  She got right out there and was the only one on her team to score a goal.  Her second game?  Completely different story.  She got bonked on the head and then kicked in the shin, and as a result is now a little gun shy. She loves to dribble and shoot the ball, but she doesn’t like it when someone kicks it away from her or when too many people crowd too close and push.  I tried to explain that it was O.K. to push a little in soccer because you’re trying to get to the ball, and she informed me that pushing was mean, and that she didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings:)  So for now, soccer games consist of her playing for a minute, pouting when the ball gets kicked away from her, followed by her taking “a break”.  This series of events pretty much just plays on repeat for the entire 20 minute game.  It’s still been fun to watch though, and I really do think once she gets over the whole people trying to take her soccer ball/pushing thing, that she’ll be a fine little soccer player.  And if not, we’ve had a lot of fun.

That pretty much sums up our lives these past two months.  The weather is turning, and we’ve spent this last week in the 60’s.   It’s starting to feel like fall, and Halloween is is right around the corner.  Grace is already getting excited, and we’re planning to do some decorating this weekend and maybe even take a trip out to the pumpkin patch.   Hopefully I will be a tad bit better about breaking out the camera this month:) At least that’s the goal.



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