Fall Photos

It’s that time again when the weather  is perfect for photos.  We purchased a new computer recently (this was actually NOT a good thing, but our other one decided to die on us after five years, so I suppose it was time), and so I decided to try out the free Lightroom trial and use that as a photo editor.  Ken needed a photo of himself for his brother’s wedding website, and I figured it would be best to take Grace out twice to get some fall photos, once with us this weekend and again later on when we have Fenix. We can never quite tell what we’re going to get with Grace or how quickly she’ll burn out, so we thought we’d see what we could catch on this first run.

We bribed her with M n M’s and told her we were going on a photo “adventure”.  The bribe and the promise of an adventure seemed to work, and we ended up landing some great shots that I thought I would share.


kids-7851 kids-7869


kids-7883 kids-7890 kids-7931

kids-7933 kids-7936 kids-7970 kids-7980

kids-8012 kids-8035




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