New Normal

Hello!  It’s me, Misty. the author of this here blog.  It’s been a while, huh?  The last time I updated this I was sharing ridiculously adorable fall photos of my daughter.  At the time, there were leaves on the ground, and I was carrying around a gigantic bowling ball sized lump in my belly and wishing away the days until we finally got to meet the little soul who was free loading in my belly.  As I write this, February has just begun, the leaves have been replaced by snow and ice, and that bowling ball sized lump I was sporting is looking pretty deflated.  (O.K. So we’re actually passed the snow and ice phase and onto the ugly gray colored skies and rain phase.  Anyways, it’s been a WHILE!)

You can probably predict by my absence….or perhaps you’ve done the math, but he’s here!  There have been multiple times in the last (nearly) two months where I have tried to update this thing. On numerous occasions I’ve logged onto the computer, pulled up my blog, and sat here stumped, not knowing where to start.  Usually by the time I have started typing little man has woken up and is on the desperate look out for his mom and some grub.  (In truth, I think he’s just looking for some grub, but we’re kind of a package deal, so you know.) Needless to say, it’s been difficult to spend more than a few minutes on the computer, let alone the time it takes to resize pictures and do a little writing.

Now that we’ve made it beyond the six-week mark, things seem to be evening out a bit.  We’re slowly finding our new normal and seem to have a good grove going on.  We’ve made it through the perils of nursing…for the most part  (I have no idea why I thought it would be easier the second time around), and we seem to have settled into a somewhat of a schedule-dictate by the youngest and newest member of our crew, mind you.    (As I type this, our newest addition is napping in his Ergo.  After nearly two months, I finally figured out, just last week, how to wear the thing correctly.)

I’m going to be honest.  Two is hard.  Technically we have three, but Fenix is so much older, that he doesn’t provide the same challenges that his younger siblings do.  As Ken and I attempted to take the baby out to watch a basketball game for a high school team our friend coaches this past weekend, we were reminded just how tough this new baby thing is.  I think I forgot.  I forgot how tired I’d be. I forgot how difficult it is to leave the house when your day is dictated by a two-hour feeding schedule.  I forgot how much you worry- is he gaining enough weight? Am I producing enough milk?  Is he sleeping enough? Is he even breathing? Am I doing this right or am I completely messing this kid up for life?

I forgot.

Not only did I forget so much, but there was so much I wasn’t prepared for.  With Grace, it was just her and me most days.  She had my undivided attention.  Outside of showering, I’m not sure I ever put her down…which may be why she still crawls into out bed at three and a half, but whatever.  When she napped, I cuddle up on the couch with her.  With two there’s less cuddle time, not because I don’t want it, but because there are two little people dependent upon me and not just one.  I have two to split my time between.  While I’m nursing our youngest, I also have a three-year old asking for lunch or playing in the faucet in the bathroom when she should be washing her hands. There have been more times that I can count that I have broken down these past few weeks because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough for either one of them, even though I was giving my all.

Despite the lack of sleep, the sore nipples, and the occasional feeling of absolute chaos, life is good. I’m sad time is moving by so quickly!  Now that the little man is here, it’s hard to imagine a time when he wasn’t.  We’re enjoying all the little moments, the baby coos, the smiles, and the recent laugh he has been trying out.

So if you’ve wondered where we’ve been, we’re still here!  We’re just figuring things out and enjoying all the time we have together.  Hopefully, I’ll post more soon, like his birth story and maybe a two month update (can you believe it’s already been two months?!  I know, I can’t!)

In the meantime, here is a photo to tide you over until next time, whenever that may be:)edited-9021-2


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