A Little Out of Date, But Oh, Well

Ha ha ha! I have some time to myself today.  The kids are napping and Ken is out with the dog. I thought I would hop on here, and after nearly a year, update this. 🙂  As it turns out, out, I have a post written this summer that I never published. Because my intent was to hop on here and try to record some tid-bits from this last year before 2016 gets completely away from me, I thought it would be best just to start by publishing this. 🙂  Ignore how late this is. I blame motherhood on my lack of organization and timeliness.


So…it’s been a while.  It should not surprise you in the least bit that this is how I’m opening my blog post, as it seems to be the norm.

Truth be told, I’ve been debating deleting this here little blog and just throwing in the towel.  I enjoy writing and I love to come back through and relive some of my family’s memories that I’ve posted about, but I find it hard to stay up to date.  Not that staying up to date matters in the least bit.  I suppose it’s the part of my personality that lends itself to being more type A that makes me feel like I can’t write about current happenings unless I fill in all the gaps in past happenings.  Does that make sense? I’m a dork.

I thought for sure when I had Coen that I would carve in the time to keep this up to date.  I wanted to share pictures of him and record, in writing, all the little firsts.  How he smelled, the way he would rest his little hand by his cheek as he slept, the many times and ways Grace would melt my heart as she interacted with him.  But, carving out that time proved far more difficult than I realized.  After my last blog post  I realized that it was just easier to not even put blogging on my radar, because if I woke up thinking I need to make the time to post, it just would’t happen for various reasons.  Two kids have kept me pretty busy. Especially in those first few months when Coen was still so new, and I was attempting to learn the ins and outs of him as well as potty train his older sister.  Once I seemed to find the balance, my maternity leave was over and school started…and then suddenly summer was upon us, and I thought for sure I would blog, but all I wanted to do was read, sit outside with the kids, or go to the park. AND THEN school started and blah, blah, blah…anywho, blogging just hasn’t happened this year, and that’s okay. 🙂




Anywho, in the spirit of accepting that my blog is just going to be all over the place, I thought I’d take time to catch up on the all the Dietz happenings from this past winter and spring-starting with December.  Just ignore the fact that it’s nearing the end of July and play along, okay? Okay.  Here we go, folks.


I may be stating the obvious here, but our biggest event of December was welcoming our mini man into the family.  We spent December fawning over him and and having him try as many new things as possible such as…

clothing  (he did, after all, spend the last nine months naked)


riding in the car seat


sleeping in the rock n play


sleeping on the couch-don’t worry, we were right next to him


laying in his very own bed


beanies and hoodies


cuddling in mom and dad’s bed


photo shoots


taking a bath



the swing


and being photo bombed by his sister


again, and again.


The kids also spent a lot of time being ridiculously adorable in December. Case in point:



Grace decided to use my bra to make herself look like she just returned from war with an arm injury.


We decoratededited-9369 edited-9366 edited-9355and celebrated

edited-9491 edited-9454 edited-9489


And then we rounded the year out by staying up until aproximately 9:30 to celebrate the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

edited-9531January and February:

January consisted of more adorable-ness

edited-9759 edited-9912

a photo shoot or two

edited-9711 edited-9565 edited-9569 edited-9700

and a few fashion statements.

edited-0082 edited-0139

We also celebrated my 31st birthday,  Valentines Day,

edited-0112 edited-0113 edited-0127

and took advantage of free day at the zoo.

edited-0089 edited-0091

March and April:

My maternity ended in the middle of March, and I started back to school.  It was good to be back in some ways and then really, really tough.  It’s always hard to leave the kids.  Between school and a the kids, March and April sped right by.  edited-0244

The weather was unusually nice in March and we got to break out the bike.  This particular ride, Grace had a really hard time.  At one point she wanted to get off the bike and have me push it, which is not like her at all.  I kept pushing her to finish though, and came to find out (once we made it home and Grace was exhausted) her front tire was flat, making it exponentially harder to pedal.  Poor girl.  She got a work out, and Coen enjoyed coming along for the ride.

edited-0104 edited-0110

We spent a little bit of time enjoying the early spring weather

edited-0275 edited-0290

and watching Coen grow.

edited-0265 edited-0235 edited-0327 edited-0350

We also celebrated Easter


and my nephew went to prom.  I made him pose with me because I took him to prom my senior year…when he was five.  The initial plan was for him to stop by before prom, but he ended up swinging by the night before while he was trying on his tux, which is why I’m in sweats and a hoodie.  My initial plan was to dress up, because I’m a dork like that:)


I would post the pic of us at my senior prom, but it is buried deep in a photo album.  (Isn’t Dennin handsome?  It’s crazy he’s done with high school now and officially an adult! My gosh, time goes by too quickly!)


May is always one of my favorite months of the year.  The weather is getting warmer, summer (and summer break) is just around the corner, and it’s Grace’s birthday, which is always quite an event.  edited-0354

We kicked Grace’s birthday off this year with birthday pancakes.

edited-0356 edited-0355

We did this for Grace’s third birthday and she talked about throughout the year, so we thought it would make a good tradition.

I had the day off, so I was able to spend the day with the kids, and Ken’s stepmom and his sister arrived later that day from Nebraska.

We had her birthday the following dayedited-0404 edited-0410

and then spent the weekend spending time with Aunt Kori and Grandma Lu.

edited-0362 edited-0414

It’s still hard to believe my little girl is four!  Next year at this time we will be gearing up for kindergarten!

The rest of May was pretty low-key, right up until the end.  I finished the school year and packed up my classroom.  My cousin Nic and nephew Dennin graduated high school (!), and Grace finished a year of preschool.  They wrapped up the year of preschool with a preschool program, which gave Grace an excuse to get all fancy:)

edited-0444My daughter is the one who can’t stand still and keeps switching spots during the music program:)


It’ hard to see her in this photo, but she’s there in the middle, singing and dancing her little heart out:)

edited-0430 edited-0468 edited-0472

Coen started solids the month of May. Grace has really enjoyed “helping” to feed him.



I’m just throwing these last pictures in for the heck of it. I very rarely get a photo of me and the kids, and the bottom photo of Byron and Coen  I just love.  Coen LOVES the dogs!  LOVES them!  He grunts and squeals and reaches out for the whenever they are near by.

That pretty much wraps up the first half of the year (and December).  Our summer is wrapping up, so I’m hoping I’ll post about summer sometimes before we hit Thanksgiving:)  That’s the goal anyway.  One can hope…



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