Another Year Older

It’s May and the school year is almost coming to a close, which means I may just have some more time on my hands to update this blog from time to time.

May is one of my favorite times of the year.  We always kick the month off with Grace’s birthday and by the end of the month we are counting the days down until summer -four for Fenix, nine for me, and much more for poor Grace who is in “year-round” school.  No worries, though.  She still gets summer, it just starts a little later and ends a little sooner.

Just recently Grace turned six (SIX!) and because I’m home with the house to myself and the day off of work because I’m recovering from having my wisdom teeth finally taken out, I thought I would squeeze in a quick birthday post for Grace and for Coen. Fenix turns 15 here in June, so I’m hoping I’m with it enough to post about that, too, when the time comes.

Ah! Where to begin?


Coen turned two back in December. His birthday is right before Christmas and of course it’s winter weather, which means we have to party inside.  We ended up having a really low-key party for Coen. It was just family and Coen’s little friend Hank, who turns two  a few months after Coen.  We decided to do it in the morning before nap time and meltdowns and it ended up being perfect.  We ate brunch and drank hot chocolate while the boys played, watched Coen open gifts, and then we broke all the rules by eating cake WAY too early in the morning.  It was great! The kids sat at a little kid table my mom used to have for my niece and nephew which was way too cute.  Coen was ALL about sharing with Hank until he opened his gifts and he quickly decided he was going to be very selective about what he shared, ha ha ha!



Two has been a fun age. Coen is learning so much and his speech has really taken off.  He is the most polite two year old in the world. Somehow we have him trained well.  He even says “scuze me” after he burps, ha ha ha! He is such a little individual, it’s crazy. He has his own, wacky personality.  He loves to dance and and sing, drinks milk like cows are going extinct, and has a love of all things sports!  He can dribble a soccer ball and throw a football (well, a mini one). When he sees a ball, he NEEDS it! This makes taking him to his sister’s soccer practices a little bit tough. He has NO fear.  None whatsoever.  I have given up trying to keep him from climbing up to the third level at the playground and have now resigned myself to just being there if he falls.  There is no stopping him.  🙂

He loves baths!  I can’t let him stay in for too long though, or he starts doing his infamous “butt splash” where he stands up and then drops to his bum sending a huge wave of water out of the bath tub and onto the bathroom floor.

He loves Moana and Trolls and sings right along when the movie is playing.  He also has some wicked break dancing moves.  He is still very much a mama’s boy. He’s also reaching an age where he is starting to feel left out.  Last night Ken, Grace, and Fenix went to an end of year track banquet for Fenix, and he cried and cried when he realized they left him home.  😦  I had to console him with a bath and then popcorn and a movie.

When he is mad, he takes off his shoes and socks and tosses them.  This happens often when he is upset that we have to leave the park or when we get to the store and they are all out of car carts.  🙂 He has a wicked two-year old temper, that’s for sure, but he recovers quickly!

He has been so much fun lately.  Because I’m writing this months after his actual birthday he has already changed so much. It’s crazy to think who he will be and how much he will have changed by the time his third birthday rolls around.  (We love you so, SO much, Coen!  I couldn’t imagine our  family without you in it!)

Grace’s birthday was more recent.  The month of May is always hectic.  Mother’s Day, soccer, dance recitals, and end of the year school responsibilities for me make it a busy month!  We had to squeeze Grace’s party in that first weekend in May on the same day of a soccer double header for Grace.  I was a little afraid we wouldn’t be able to pull it off and was SUPER nervous because she invited her entire class. (We didn’t want any hurt feelings, and Grace is very social and makes friends with nearly everyone she meets-whether they like it or not, ha ha.)  The idea of having a houseful of parents had me in panic mode. Pairing that with the fact that we had two soccer games that morning AND the weather was really iffy (raining in the morning and windy in the afternoon), and I was a nervous wreck.

We rented a bounce house.  (FYI: If you are in the Boise/Meridian/Nampa area, we were able to rent a bounce house from Slidy Bounce for $65, which is a steal in comparison to other rental places! Plus, they were great!  Easy set-up and take-down and very easy to to work with.)  I was worried all day long that it would rain in the afternoon or be too windy for the bounce house and we would have 15 kindergartners and their parents crammed into our house with no back-up plan.


Thankfully, it all went perfectly! Grace had a blast! A large chunk of her class came and most of her soccer team.  The bounce house was a hit and made it easy on us as parents because we didn’t have to plan anything in terms of games. The kids bounced and blew bubbles, Grace opened way too may gifts, and then we sang “Happy Birthday” and the kids stuffed their faces with cupcakes-after I made them all go back outside. 🙂


We had Grace’s party a few days before her actual birthday, so on her real birthday we did our traditional breakfast of birthday pancakes.


Grace had school that day, but I was able to take the day off and we visited her dad while he was on his lunch break, made one of her favorite meals for dinner (Cuban slider sandwiches), and then went out for ice cream.


It’s hard to believe Grace is already six! This past year has been such a big year for her!  She’s lost three teeth, with two more ready to pop out.  She’s learned so much in school this year.   She is a chatter, which is not surprising, and she really can make friends with just about anyone.  She reminds me of my mom in that way.  Her social/conversational skills far outshine mine.  Sometimes this is an issue, but I think it will actually be an asset to her once she learns how to rein it in.  She loves to dance and sing. This year she started practicing for her dance routines at home and found that her practice really paid off!  She just finished another season of soccer and loved it!  She loves to be outside and play. She loves to go hiking with her dad and even received a  hiking pack from us for her birthday and a hiking pole from her grandpa.  She is such a good girl!  She is kind and caring,  goofy and creative, and she can light up the room just by walking into it.


(I love you so much, Grace! I can’t believe how quickly you are growing up! I can’t help but be a little sad, but I’m also so excited to see what the next year brings with it!)


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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