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Hi!  My name is Misty.  I’m a working mom from Idaho who spends the majority of her time balancing being a mom, teacher, and wife…except for in the summer at which point I spend my time balancing marathons of Dance Moms and seeing how much ice cream I can consume before gaining weight, oh yeah, and being a mom and a wife…just kidding.  Well, maybe I’m only half kidding.

I have an adorable, chubby legged eight month old son, a sassy, yet compassionate four year old daughter (who can Whip and Nae Nae with the best of them!), and a stepson, who (gasp) just entered the realm of being a teenager this summer! My husband and I have been married eight years as of this August.  We do a pretty good job of balancing the chaos that is three children while still managing to make time for weekly date nights, and by that I mean netflix marathons with a glass of wine.  (FYI: I would actually love a weekly date night, we just haven’t figured out how to make that happen yet-tips and free babysitting would be greatly appreciated!)

I teach high school English in an online school.  This is new for me.  In fact, I just started training.  I’ve spent the last six years teaching at the middle school level, so the leap to high school and to an online platform is a HUGE, but welcome change. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a wee-bit scared. I have a huge learning curve ahead of me, but I’m excited for the challenge.

I love words and books.  I adore coffee and wine-in nearly any form. I like to bake, which may become problematic now that I no longer have a teacher’s lounge to save me from eating too many of the treats I bake, and  I find grocery shopping therapeutic-weird, I know.

This blog is really a scrapbook of sorts, a place for me to record family memories, big and small, and a place for me to carve out my own thoughts from time to time.  Who knows, I may just throw in a recipe now and then as well!


I appreciate you stopping by to read! Feel free to leave a comment.

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